Halloween this year? lockdown

With Halloween approaching, I would normally be planning our decorations and sweets etc, with festivities and fun for both our kiddies and others, the last few years we’ve grown into making a much bigger deal, but this year is different, 2020 has been a challenging year and with the lockdown and worry for many, I don’t if it’s right I should be doing Trick or treat for people.

Last Year

Last year, in particular, was a big success, around our housing estate it’s more like a village because its set just outside the City, thus a lot of people stay here and spend the evening doing Trick or treat, in fact, people come to this estate to get involved, so I decided to go overboard with decorations and make it fun for us and the kids, and this year I had provisionally planned, I try to look at bargains at the end of Halloween, ready for next year etc.

With how everything has gone this year im concerned and questioning whether we should being Trick or treat at all, my kids or others. This year I’ve been a little vocal about how people act during Lockdown, even recently where we look like we heading back into a more serious Lockdown, people still don’t follow the rules, and no doubt they are moaning about we will back into it,

I’ve even seen people suggest they follow the rules etc on social media, and then next minute they have gone on holiday, or have pictures of how they have followed the rules then the next they haven’t, let alone making up reasons to pop out, but being a key worker I’ve seen it all.

This Year?

So this year Halloween I don’t feel comfortable about taking my kids out on trick or treat, remember touch is one of the ways it can be passed, so why would I want them to touch things that I have no idea where they have come from etc, I don’t then, in turn, want kids to come to y house, interacting with other families and touch sweets bowls etc..I realise some people may be fine with this, but I don’t feel comfortable about it, I don’t want it to ruin Halloween but to me what’s more important?

At the moment I’m sitting on the side of cancelling Halloween, especially the trick or treat and decorations side of it all, I might do something at home for our kiddies but I don’t think cancelling or reducing Halloween is a bad thing, if it’s just this year and it helps to reduce the risks, and helps with people fears then surely this is the best way? I’m a little torn because I want to make it special for all kids but its a shame and I think its better to look out for peoples safety etc.


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