Lego 76130| Stark Jet and the Drone Attack

Lego 76130, Stark jet and the Drone attack is a set from the MCU film Spiderman Far from home, which features 504 pieces and includes 4 mini-figures, a stark jet and 2 drones, it’s one of 3 sets released from the film and has an RRP of £54.99.

Let’s be honest, the Spiderman films have been pretty good, and after all the controversy they are still here to stay, and it was a big brave decision to have Spidey be the stand-alone film after Avengers dust (pun) had settled, but it worked out well, making Spidey villains more believable and fit the MCU has done well to the story and films, Spiderman sets though historically have been ok, these are often more recognisable characters and more playtime, with this wave they choose 3 sets and with how much Tigger and I love Spiderman these were a must.


All three sets have spiderman in, obviously…this one has the newer style of spiderman, however, not many changes if you have bought him recently, and in this set its no different, his accessory is a web stud rope, in reflection he normally comes with several different webs, so a little surprising in this set but it doesn’t affect it.


He looks great in this set, he is also in all 3 sets but the figure does look awesome, his silver head and clear plastic doom give his distinctive look, the green gold and purple looks also really good, however, a couple of things let it down, there is more armour in the film version, and perhaps isn’t completely film-like in its final design, the printing helps and looks good like I said but it’s not ultra-realistic, also he’s not in this scene kind of…, but then spiderman or nick fury isn’t, depending on what part you’re looking at lol.

Nick fury

In a good way, they have found his design, thus the versions that come out now are all basically the same, much like spidey and Mysterio if you owned the sets, but depending what you have already its good to get a Nick fury in your collection, his black jacket and trousers with a grey jumper vest is consistent, with a simple grey gun in hand.

Happy Hogan

Arguably the more sort after mini-figure of the set, not perhaps for his design but the fact he hasn’t ever really been in many sets, though as I said his design is perhaps…boring, in reality, he is like any other suited mini-figure in Lego history, if I was to show it to someone asked for the name they would have no clue who he is, randomly he has a gun, the character doesn’t have one, though the actual design of a black-suited with a white shirt and black tie looks fine in a generic setting.


The two drones are versions of the many Stark Drones featured in the film, this was something that Tony was working on in a great plan for protecting the planet etc, and linking with Edith, what happens with them going forward I’m not sure but with the design themselves they are very similar to turrets without a stand or connection pieces for walls etc, they have that circular effect, with two stud launches, however, I think this is quite a good design in reflection to the film, the only issues is the colour if they had been more white, and clear pieces etc it would have looked much better, with this in. mind overall there ok.

Stark jet

It’s actually pretty cool to have a something different from the films in the form of the jet, we’ve seen the Quinjet countless times now, and other shield or avengers type equipment/vehicles, so getting a stark jet was much better, however, unfortunately, that’s about it from the good side of it all, the build is relatively easy with a central long shape that you build up, the ship is mostly white and relatively flat, there’s a small corridor like the middle part which holds some equipment and what looks like plasma bombs, the front holds buttons etc to fly the jet.

The top has two hinge angle pieces that alloy the front to lift with the cockpit, and the back where the bombs and engine is, spiderman rope web can be held there and descend for spidey to hand on to, the wings are a flat design again but with a tip on the end, with two further wings and 2 tails at the back. Two stud launchers on the side with a very plain grey underbelly.


I’ll be honest even though I love Spiderman sets, and almost all things spidey, however, if you just bought this set it’s fine, has some good play value and its a chance to get the main characters, the set is very pricey for the piece count and mini-figure selection,  the other 2 sets fit the film ish, as best they could, but it doesn’t get this one.

The jet is in the film but this collection of characters at the same time is not, in fact, I don’t think Fury gets close to it? or Mysterio and the jet is simply not a combat jet, it’s also a way to flat, the jet is like a stylish jet, there are even examples in the Lego world of a more similar design, it’s just of, its a shame it doesn’t have the height of a figure, the back should be a space for a work area, and the middle is seating area like a Private jet, this looks more like a white Quinjet design.

The drones are fine as I said just the tweak of colour, the mini-figures are fine, but in reality, this set should have had Spiderman, Hogan and a couple of friends that aren’t in the other set, much like the scene in the film, Fury and his partner Maria Hill should be in another one (where is Hill in all of this), this set is such a disappointment compared to the normal quality spiderman sets.


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