Harry Potter | Why We love it

Harry Potter is one of the biggest Book and Filming franchises in History and is huge in the pop culture world. It has sold millions of Books and spawned several films, with new stories, Toys, Theme Parks, Video Games, Studio Tours and more merch than you will even be able to take its a giant still in the world of entertainment.


To be fair to the Wizarding world its popularity has gone across many countries, languages and cultures, and with those stories apparently appealing to any age in any country, and we are no different in our household. Harry Potter, that started it all is a fan favourite where we live, especially the films and the main Harry Potter stories.

The Books

Weirdly I don’t think any of the girls in the house love the books anywhere near as much as they love the films, and they all enjoy books and reading. As for Tigger and I, we haven’t read the books, I’m not a big reader and I don’t think Tigger has quite got to that point where he wants to read them, he actually owns some quite posh illustrated and written versions.


But for us it’s those films that get the most love, I couldn’t tell you how many times that they have been watched, especially Roo and Boo, they have their favourites, but having sky they are often on a movie channel and repeated a lot and they wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to watch them. Piglet will watch them but she’s now approaching that age where she will appreciate them far more.

I don’t think it’s one thing that has that love, its the characters, the story and all-round atmosphere, for the girls I know they love the relationship of the characters, probably more so than what’s actually happening with the overall story, they loved the interaction of there dailies lives alongside with whats going on. But let’s be honest it can be dramatic, sad, happy, heartwarming, romantic and epic in its presentation.

Remember the Fantastic Beasts

We may not be as big fans of Fantastic Beasts, it kind of got lost within the second one…but that hasn’t damaged the love of the wizarding world, and it’s still hugely popular and no doubt will spawn another set of books or at the very least films more compatible to Harry Potter original ideas etc.. its too popular to be left alone, so a modern-day one or one set around Hogwarts before all the Voldermort things start is probably going to happen and we will be excited.

Harry Potter Continues

For us going forward the love of Harry Potter still exists with Lego Sets, Rewatching films, the Books maybe, lots of pop culture items, and the visit to one of the better places to go in the form of the Studio Tour in London, which I would recommend to any Harry Potter fan, and even f you are only slightly interested in it, it’s actually an interesting experience. Maybe a trip to America for the even bigger theme park experience of Harry Potter. There are many good reasons to love this franchise and no doubt everyone will have different reasons, so just like what you like.


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