Jurassic World Evolution Complete Edition | A Dad Review

Jurassic World Evolution is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, however this new Complete Edition is available on the Nintendo Switch and this review is largely based on that, however, we also have the PC versions in a comparison of graphics etc, the Game is set around the time between the first Jurassic World film and the second, and features multiple voice actors from the franchise.

Jurassic World Evolution

We love Dinosaurs! and heads up we love Jurassic franchise, both Original and new world versions, so the expectation is always high when we approach games etc based around them. I’ve personally played simulation style games for years, across multiple platforms, and is actually one of my favourite type of genres, however, both Tigger and Roo have played very little, only little ones on tablets so there not really the same, I was keen to see how they would get on, but what I didn’t expect they would do is team up together and talk about each action.

What they say

“Take charge of operations on the legendary islands of the Muertes archipelago and bring the wonder, majesty and danger of dinosaurs to life. Build for Science, Entertainment or Security interests in an uncertain world where life always finds a way. Jurassic World Evolution is a new chapter in the official Jurassic mythology that puts you in charge of cinema’s most famous tourist destination. Bioengineer dinosaurs that think, feel and react intelligently to the world around them.

Play with life itself to give your dinosaurs unique behaviours, traits and appearances, then contain and profit from them to fund your global search for lost dinosaur DNA. Control the big picture with deep management tools or go hands-on to confront challenges on the ground or in the air. Expand your islands and choose your own journey in an all-new narrative featuring iconic characters from across the franchise and decades of Jurassic lore at your fingertips.”

“Build your own Jurassic World for the first time or relive the adventure on the go with Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition! Packed with every piece of downloadable content available, Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch includes all three major narrative expansions – Jurassic World Evolution: Return to Jurassic Park, Jurassic World Evolution: Claire’s Sanctuary, and Jurassic World Evolution: Secrets of Dr Wu- as well as four Dinosaur Packs and the Raptor Squad Skin Collection.”

Graphically on the switch is looks good, especially on the Switch screen itself, spread over a TV, especially a bigger one would stretch it a little and perhaps not look as sharp, but that’s often the Case for Switch so for many people, this isn’t new, the PS4 and XBox one, and in particular PC would look sharper, but gameplay there’s no real hold up on the system, personally I prefer PC but actually it works very well on the switch. The voices and detail of the Dinos, buildings, shops, designs, everything is very high and a great representation of the films, it’s very well done and there are lots of help if you need it, what I didn’t expect is then the level of detail in the fossils, breeding, discovering, DNA etc …they have done very well and actually its a quite educational if you look at it.

What the kids said

“Jurassic World Evolution is all about dinosaurs if you buy the normal game you only get the campaign, but you can also by the expansion packs to go with the game. you can buy the secrets of Dr Wu, Claires Sanctuary and return t Jurassic Park, you can also get Dinosaur skin packs, they include Raptor Squad pack, also packs are Herbivore, Carnivore, Cretaceous, and the dinosaur pack, however the complete edition on the Switch has them all, trough the game you get to meet new characters who have been seen through the Jurrasic Park and World films.”

“In the Campaign, you get to build your own Jurrasic word, you get to choose what dinosaurs and attractions you want, you also get to unlock different islands. There are three divisions inside Jurrasic world they are science, Entertainment, and security. You get different facilities such as research, expedition, fossil and ranger/ACU. In ACU you can drive the helicopter and Tranq Dinosaurs but it costs money every shot. This is the same as the manager station except instead of Tranq you medicate or flare dinosaurs.”

“I like Jurassic World Because I can drive all the Vehicles and helping the Dinosaurs, I like the Jurrasic world evolution because I get to design and create my very own Jurassic world with Dinosaurs I like”


Firstly I think you need to like these types of game simulation games, with building, research, money, planning etc these are all things that arent fast pace games, like shooters, but it a different type of game for some and arguably is more technical lots of thinking etc

However, if you are a fan like I am it’s a solid game, easy enough for kids like Tigger and Roo to get on with fine, but also some good level of depth that keeps older and kids adults still entertained, it’s actually very detailed to the franchise so fans of Jurrasic Park/world would also further appreciate it. If you can get the game on the other platforms at a good price then get it, however, this Complete edition is excellent and for Nintendo switch fans that are very limited in these types of games,s this is a great purchase.


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