Kids love Tenting

As the years have gone on and the chance to have a garden has occurred, the kids have had the opportunity to camp in our Garden, since then they have wanted to camp over the summer holidays every year, but why? why do they love Tenting and camping so much?

Smoby play tent

Camping the early years

When Boo and I were younger, like most kids of a certain age you had several opportunities to camp as part of School or separate clubs, and as I said this was no different for us. Going with friends at school to our local big site called Whitwell was an experience! add Badgers which was a club I was part of, I was lucky enough to visit there several times in a 5-year spell.

But as I said it was an experience and for me, the actual tenting side of it was my least favorite part of it, well maybe food but that was sporadic in quality and choice, so being in the tent and the novelty of being with your friends didn’t last very long but it was part of that whole experience of outdoors and camping among woods etc.

Tent building in the garden

No Garden

Early in our kids lives we didn’t have a Garden, fortunately for Piglet she didn’t experience it for only 6 months of her life but for Roo, she didn’t have one for near 10 years, so since we were able to have one the kids have spent alot of time in the Garden over the years. As part of Boo’s work we have been able to have a couple of different tents, the latest is an Go outdoors version is a fair size, so much so it can fit two single mattresses in it.

This is what Roo and Tigger use, two single mattresses lol, for me it’s a little cheating because there not using sleeping bags and laying on the ground etc, they are all snuggly on pillows, blankets, and mattresses, but hey ho.

eurohike tent

Its Tent season!

However as soon as we get to June you can see them thinking it’s time to tent, when can we have it out? when we get to summer holidays they will often spend 3 to 5 days in there at a time, with Piglet getting older I can see her wanting to do it as well, if not even more based on the type of girl she is.

But they love it, and its good to see that they still like hanging around each other in something basic like this, but it is a little different and I’m glad they do it, it might not be for me but I’m glad it’s for them, maybe we will need to now look at an even bigger one for the 3 kids, though more of my grass covered lol.


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