Diary From a Dad | March 2023

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As each month goes by my Diary from a Dad looking at what’s happening with our little family, through all the adventures, challenges and obstacles that come to our lives. A family of 5, with 3 children of different ages every day, week and month can offer something different. As the seasons turn March was looking brighter and in that our adventures were beginning to restart, with this though we also saw Roo continuing her countdown to Exams.

It’s getting brighter

Yay the weather was turning, and the mornings were getting lighter for someone who starts work at 5.30 am it’s a nice feeling to not be in pitch black every morning, but with this, it also means we can start to do more activities. Historically we’ve done a lot, but Jan and some of Feb are often months that are a little quiet, but we had started to do some bits and pieces even though we were still reeling from the loss of the family car, which didn’t stop us but hindered us from big long adventures.

Days out

We did a couple of things a little different, a trip to London saw us visit the former Olympic stadium, now known as the London Stadium and home to West Ham FC to do a tour. While we aren’t West Ham fans, but of course, I’m a football fan none the less while we all appreciated the Olympics, so I prepped the kids with the thoughts of I know your not big football fans, but remember this is where the Olympics were held in 2012. To be honest the kids enjoyed the experience, they actually found the tour itself interesting even though not huge football fans, for me it was a great experience to see this stadium up close.

Sliding through the month

Another activity was a little different, we decided to visit the London Orbital, the big Red sculpture next to the London Stadium, now with Boo and Piglet doing another activity in London to do with Peppa Pig, this was not their type of thing. It’s now a viewing platform, Absailing and Giant Slide, which is a very odd thing to do, I didn’t even realise it was taller than the Statue of Liberty.

Now we didn’t do the Absailing, obviously…but Tigger, Roo and I did the viewing and the Slide, this was surprisingly fun but really very safe to do, you don’t go super fast and feel quite secure in it, and the views of this part of London was different for us and excellent.

School exams prep

When Roo first started high school, she attended a later lesson etc which meant she was finishing late, so with Boo and the other two away on a trip that day, I picked her up and we had a Roast dinner and chocolate cake at a local carvery place, something she has often referred too as the years go on. So with Highschool now ending for her years later, we thought we would replicate our special meal, it was lovely to do this and it’s great that this meant so much to her.

A few other odd days with Film trips, shopping, and days out with friends made up the rest of the month while a little prep for Easter was on the cards. For me, a Hero Quest board game day to carry on our adventure was the highlight of the month as well. Roo was still doing more school work with extra days, and lots of studying, with the countdown becoming very real for her now.

On to the Next Month

Next month sees Easter! With the holidays about the weather getting better, Roos’s final countdown really becomes the final, while Easter fun will hopefully be great, the preliminary search for the new family car begins.


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