Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | Week 22

At the beginning of lockdown, I decided to record our lockdown lives in a diary with Boo and kids spending time at home and myself being a key worker, I was still working this whole time,  but I was keen to record whats happened, our thoughts, our lives in this time so we can look back. This week the countdown was still on to the kid return to school ….maybe, but with the change in weather at the end of the week our plans became a bit wet.


The Week in the Diary

This week though for me was more working, more people are wearing masks when they come into the shop which makes me a bit happier but there are regulars that don’t, this frustrates me and I see a variety of reasons, some laugh it off, some apologise, on the really rare occasion some will go and come back as they live 5 minutes away, some literally have no care in the world, come in get there booze, fags or lottery and head off, needless to say, they don’t get the A grade customer service, 

the ones that really make me laugh is the ones that come in, oh sorry I forgot or I’ve left it in the car, then use the same excuse time and time again, thinking that we wouldn’t remember, I bet they will be the first people to moan when we go back in Lockdown.

Our big thing this week was a trip to Thorpe Park! the kids had mentioned it a little while ago when we said that we would try to go to places over the summer,  we’ve been before several times using our Merlin passes, but we didn’t manage to go this year before the lockdown, this trip though would just me Tigger and Roo,

https://www.thorpepark.com/Thorpe parks good but it’s not really suitable for Piglet, there’s only a couple of rides really for her and its a little unfair, we’ve tried it before and I felt a little sorry for her, as for Boo, well shes the bag lady and hasn’t got a problem not going lol, we did do a lockdown review of the places also.

Play time

The kids though have been playing nice together this week, they do from time to time but having 3 children in 3 different age groups it can be a little challenging, especially for Roo, but she did well to get engaged with them, but it was nice to see them play as Piglet needs that interaction currently, and with this year being stop and start for her, she loves that playtime with kids.

We may have sold the house, but we may not have done lol, the frustrating thing with everything that’s happened this year is our house has gone down and been. struggle to sell so we will have lost some money, which is something we didn’t need but it needs to go now, as we cant afford to pay for everything long term.

With school hopefully round the corner the count down to normality is still on…maybe, if it will ever be normal again lol.


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