Family Film Nights are fun

Family film nights in our house is a big thing, a few years ago I decided to introduce film nights with Roo and Piglet, and since then we have covered all sorts of films, had some snacks, and enjoyed some family time together, no doubt with Piglet getting a little older she will join the night shortly.

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Family Film Nights: Over the Years

Boo and I have watched films together for 20 years, if you have read on my blog before and on social media films are a big thing for me, going to the cinema is one of my favourite things to do still. So at home I invested in a good TV and sound system to help with the whole experience it also slightly reduced the cost of the Cinema as I would love to go every week if not twice a week, but realistically and finically I couldn’t justify it. We utilize the streaming service and Blurays we own in the form of Disney Plus, Netflix, Prime, and Sky, which allows us to not pay out for one-off purchases etc.

Weekly Family Film Nights

We try to do a film night every week, and generally on a Friday though during holidays etc we tend to do a couple of evenings, we try to theme these evening as the year goes on, with the exception of the odd big release we do Xmas films at Christmas, Halloween films at Halloween etc. But this means a little sharing between the family, Roo being a teenage Girl would want things that she likes on, Boo has different tastes to us, the same for me as some of my films wouldn’t be age-appropriate.

Then there’s Tigger and his choice. So, in reality, we have to make it fair, ill be honest I’m a little in charge of ultimately what we watch as I would have screened most of the films and can gauge if it is too old etc or whether it is the kids type of film in the first place, Boo just gets on with it and sometimes will read her book instead, everyone is not allowed to use their phones etc but like a lot of the films, Boo wouldn’t really be that fussed about its for her.

Whole Experience

The night though is about the whole experience, the film and the company, we often will have a snack and this year we have tried to limit or ban snacks at random times, this means that we only have them at film nights unless its a celebration etc.

I would like to think the kids enjoy the night, we’ve watched all sorts of films over the years, from blockbusters to comedies, musicals to action ones, with Tigger almost at that age to enjoy older films, alongside Roo who is about to hit 15 that that opens a much broader and older choice, the films coming up are going to be much bigger and better with ones that are more Boo and I choose.

There have been many films that I’ve been on the edge of watching at the cinema and some that I probably would never have chosen at the cinema, but actually enjoyed because we had the chance to watch it on the film night instead, and I know there have been lots for the kids especially as they may have not chosen it ever but I’ve got them to watch it, like the ’80s and 90’s films for example, because that’s the age of kids mind now it seems so long ago lol.

But these are really good things for us, we are a tech family, and we do for the most part like being around each other doing these things, film night is one of our favourite things to do and something I hope we continue over the next few years before they get old and leave the house.

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