Lego 75261 – Star Wars 20th Anniversary, clone Scout Walker

Lego 75261 is a Star Wars 20th Anniversary set to celebrate Lego and Star wars partnership for that time, in which they have re-released sets from the years with up to date improvements etc.. This one was Set around Starwars Episode 3 and has a clone scout Walker, Dwarf Spider Droid and Battle trench from Kashyyyk. it includes 5 minifigures and its retail price is about £24.99 with a piece count of 250, the previous set 7250 only had 108 pieces.

It’s no secret that I love Star Wars, and I do really enjoy the clone wars era of Starwars, especially the Clone Wars Series, the third film was good though the previous two were essentially all building to this one. I didn’t have the previous set from 2005 so I was keen to add this to the collection, especially as we have the others in the 20th Anniversary Collection. It is one of the smaller sets and in principle should be an easier build, Tigger took the lead on this one.

The Build…

Bag 1 was more about the accessories and mini-figures, like the other 20th Anniversary, sets each one has a special mini-figure, this one was Darth Vader on his platform that was easy to make, and connects to the others, he was from 1999 design and to be honest, he’s not changed lots through the years, only minor tweaks, but still, he is great to have in any set regardless of the age.

We started the rest of the bag with a Wookie Warrior, hes technically unique and sports a classic Lego Rifle, though being a Warrior from the battle he should be wearing armour. he stills looks good though with the dark brown and tan colour. The droid is like the hundred we have all made, come with a gun, hard to stand up, done. The Battle Trench is easy to make with 3 different pieces over and over interconnecting to make a semi-circle and a mounted gun on top.

This was easy but I’m ok with the Tench, as its quite good, simple though but still does the job fine. The Dwarf Spider Droid as you would guess is a lot smaller than its bigger brothers, it still has moveable legs and a stud gun which makes it very good for play and good for displays.

Bag 2 had the Kashyyyk Clone trooper, he looks great in his green and brown armour with lots of detail printed on, his viser looks even better with his breath mask and eyes to display looking great. I like the clone troopers but to have this one was a good choice. The rest of the bag is the main event, the clone Scout walker, this one was far closer to the film version than its previous one, which you would help 14 years on and several legos pieces later.

I’m surprised by the lack of Technic pieces as normally they are used for things that are big, or stand up, but not really here. the main part is quickly made with a space for the Troper to sit, essentially the main part is a rectangle with space for legs to be attached, the ship-like design of the front once complete, folds round the front to sure a sleek more curved design, 

some stickers followed with then the gun being mounted on the front, one is a long piece to look like a laser, cannot move but is still meant to represent the laser, but the other is an actual stud shooter so it can at least fire, unlike the original, it may not be super realistic with the gun but it’s still good. On the back is two grey attachments for Ariels, than came to be moved forward or back as well.

The legs are made up of three parts that once finished all can be placed at angles, but t stand you bring them all the way around and leave the feet layin flat, but this does provide the distinctive look of the AT-RT, much like the bigger brothers in the AT range. These are simple to make and just a mirrored design, but the added green and tan add some difference to the design. There are circles dotted at the joints for design also.


Overall it’s fine, it’s relatively cheap with 5 mini-figures in toe, personally, I wouldn’t have chosen this in the 20th Anniversary, it’s just an odd choice with so many things to chose. I like the era of Clone wars so I do appreciate it, and having it is fine. That’s my problem, its all a bit fine, nothing special for me here, the Vader is good but he’s been done a hundred times (not literally) however I understand he’s arguably the most recognisable character.

The Wookie is disappointing as they missed a trick with armour, the Droid is a droid…..the Kashyyyk trooper is great as well as his Walker in general. For me this isn’t a collector set, its just another new Set that has been remade, which they do every year, this isn’t memorable and has no reason to be just one of 5 sets to celebrate, yes it has 250 pieces compared to 150, but there are several new things in the set, so the comparison is a little mute.


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