My Friend Peppa Pig | A Dad Review + Giveaway

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My Friend Peppa Pig is the latest in a long line of video games featuring the hugely popular franchise Peppa pig, the Game from Outright Games is part of their range of more kid-friendly games and is released on Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox One and PS4.

My Friend Peppa Pig | A Dad Review

Like many households, we have grown up on Peppa pig across all 3 kids, and not only have we owned games, Puzzles, Toys, DVD’s and even visited Peppa Pig World etc we also owned the odd game through the years as the gaming side of Peppa Pig has been around for a long time, all of our kids have been tech kids over the years so it’s always good to play. This game is a new step for the Peppa Pig franchise seeing our own Piglet wanting to play it.

My Friend Peppa Pig Game Trailer

What Outright Games say…

“Start a fun-filled adventure by becoming Peppa Pig’s new friend! Take your first steps into Peppa’s world by creating your character and choosing your clothes. If you want to be a fox in a pirate hat, you can. Or be a rabbit in a nice dress and sunglasses – it’s your choice. There are so many possibilities, even before you ring the doorbell at Peppa’s house.

What happens in your story is all up to you. Everywhere you go, Peppa will suggest fun things to do – just like you’re in an episode of the TV show. Will you help Daddy Pig find his lost glasses in the house? Can you guess the animal from the tracks you follow in the Forest? When it rains, you’ll surely want to jump in muddy puddles – just don’t forget your boots!

All your favourite characters are here, and they’re excited to meet you. Play with George and Mummy Pig at Peppa’s House. Sing with Madam Gazelle and the other children at Peppa’s School. Visit the Beach, Snowy Mountain, the Museum… even Potato City! Every play session is a new experience, as you choose new paths and try new things with your friend Peppa Pig..”

My Friend Peppa Pig | A Dad Review

What you need to know about the My Friend Peppa Pig game

Essentially you create a character, this is the new friend in Peppa Pig’s town and thus sets up the point of the story of Peppa Pig being your friend. You can have multiple characters (saves) and go looking around. The great thing that hits you straight away is that you can go almost anywhere you want in the Peppa pig town, there will be little tips and voices suggesting where you’re going or where you could go, this helps the kids associate what’s going on.

Once you head to a location like Peppa pigs house, or Granny and Grandpa pig house, you can interact with the characters or the rooms themselves, each place has a variety of little games or fun activities to do depending on the room etc. Many of the locations featured in the series are here so for the child this is very easy to get involved in, with the side-scrolling graphics much like the TV show also, this additionally provides that detail, however for older kids this may get a little boring after a while so find the happy medium of age group or child for this game

My Friend Peppa Pig | A Dad Review

Our thoughts on My Friend Peppa Pig

“I like the game because I get to see Peppa pig and her friends, I like playing the games with them, I can go to any of the houses but I like the Potatoland the best.”Piglet

This is a great game for Peppa pig fans, there’s no doubt about it, you can make your own character and meet all your favourite characters so for the kids, its easy to get to grips with, even the buttons are really easy regardless of what format your playing on it, my only big reservation is the age of the game, you know your child so you can gauge how they are with games.

This game is really aimed at preschool and young school-age children less than age seven, and depending on the child it could be less than age five, not that any Peppa pig fan wouldn’t get enjoyment out of it because they would. The game is solid and very accessible, the voices the graphics the location are all good, and once again for a kid they can easily get into this game.

My Friend Peppa Pig

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