Lego 76144 Marvel Avengers | Hulk Helicopter Rescue

Lego 76144, Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue is based loosely around Marvels Avengers Endgame film, it has 482 pieces and contains 5 mini-figures, including an avengers Helicopter and Chitauri vehicles, its RRP is a mighty £54.99.

Lego 76144

We love Marvel and in particular the Marvel films, I decided a while ago that I would focus on the MCU Lego sets, as lego tend to release a lot of Marvel sets, financially I can’t keep up lol, but also I’m not always fussed about some of the kiddy or play ones they have done, however, this set was released after the rest of the endgame wave,

id already reviewed the rest of the sets a part of the criticism that there was no white suit hulk, so when I saw this I was saying “finally” Both infinity wars and Endgames films were great but the lego sets have been a bit up and down, but with this delay I was hoping this set would be more associated to the film.

Black widow

Black widow returns in another set, and unfortunately even though she’s wearing a white suit, it’s essentially the same as the others so if you hadn’t had her yet, it’s good, but unfortunately, if you have the rest it’s a little wasted, the white suit though looks great and her hair is the right colour but not the style.


As I said earlier Hulk had been in the Endgame sets but oddly he hadn’t had his white suit on, so finally, he was here with that white suit but also an infinity gauntlet! this time it came we 4 stones! which is different to the other sets, the rest though is the same with the same shape, head and hair, which if you have seen the film is a little wrong, it would have been great for a change in head to make it even more unique.


Rescue makes her debut and is the suited version of Peppa Potts, the colour scheme of purple looks fine, the film shows a more bluish metallic purple but it still looks ok, the extra repulsers show her attack and have a gold print on it that matches the suit, though again these actually come out further and more of them, but still the suit looks great, the only drawback is the faceplate is fixed and not removable like other Iron man suits, which is a shame, her hair though is excellent and matches the character spot on.


Since there 2012 debut, the new versions that appear here and the quintet set have had improvements with both the facial expressions and the printed on their torso, both these look excellent with the white and gold effect, weird the print stop and doesn’t appear on their legs, but the rest is still fine, they don’t have any weapons as there are riding there vehicles.

Chitauri Equipment

In the original battle of New York, the Chitauri rides a flying chariot esc vehicle, this looks great with a gold and purple colour design, there’s space for a figure to ride and hold on, the film shows them a touch bigger to hold one of two more on the back platform but this still looks nice.

The Films big battles were with the giant Organic ship, the Leviathans are huge ships, so I’m not really sure what the idea was here, is design for a Chitauri to ride, but this has no resemblance to the film on anything, however as an organic vehicle to ride its looks fine, similar to the designs in other sets like Ninjago, a ball joint is used to show the tail effect and wings to the side, the front is a sloped hidden eye and the whole model is still that white, gold, and purple design.

Avengers Helicopter

The Helicopter is nowhere in the films, no relevance and no point to it lets put that aside a second, the design is a little different to some of the other Helicopters that have been created within Lego sets, its great from a colour design with the blue-silver and orange colour scheme, this goes very well with the Quinjet, and other Avenger vehicles, and if you were looking to build a force for your compound then the addition of extra vehicles is great.

The helicopter has a long thing tail with the underneath holding a storage crate and transportation of hulk, odd… however the top has tri-blade rotor blades, there is some attack option with stud shooters but on the tips of the wings is a different disc shooter, which makes a refreshing change to the normal shooters that are used.


I’ll be honest there’s a lot of criticism of the MCU sets as they have comparison issues to the films, I’ve detailed that as well, and unfortunately this is essentially this sets, in a nutshell, I don’t want to put a lot of negativity on this set, but the price is hi for the piece count, the helicopter has no reference to anything, another black widow that’s the same and shes not even in the scene, hulk head is the same, Levitatan is wrong by a lot, why is there an infinity gauntlet?

Rescue isn’t completely accurate…but there are some positives, to get that white suited Hulk, Rescue is unique ad the Chitauri still looks good and great to add to your collection, the helicopter is actually ok and different to a normal build, ignore that it isn’t a thing and you will find it good, the set overall is poor but ok if you have no comparison to the MCU film, you would need to get this cheaper as I think its quite expensive, I thought that with this delayed released compared to other sets, where they have seen the films etc, this could be good, and it wasn’t, its such a shame.


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