Lego 75945 Harry Potter | Expecto Patronum

Lego 75945 Harry Potter Expecto Patronum is one of the smaller sets from the 2019 series and focuses on the Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Film, in which Harry is fighting off Dementors with his spell, the sets have 121 pieces including 4 mini-figures and a Trans light blue Stag, it RRP is £19.99.

Lego 75945

Being big Harry Potter fans in our house, we all enjoy the Lego Harry Potter range, it’s one of the few series that we have to buy every one of, and this smaller set was on the cards, as ever Tigger and I build it though its a simple set and would possibly take someone about 15 minutes to do, its great set to add to your collection though not being big has limited play value.

Harry Potter

If like me you have the others sets, this is another rendition of the same style Harry Potter, though its good with the outfit and colour schemes and close to the films, it’s just a shame its the same again but not the end of the world, the head is also still the double face from the range and they opted for the same hair as the earlier film versions of the Harry Potter sets, not super accurate as he hasn’t got the same hair in the first two films but small things…

Sirius Black

Weird, it’s taken this long to do a new figure of him, he’s the first version in the new waves of these series’s and hasn’t been done for many years, however, his outfit is great, the design on the figure shows him in his prison outfit with lots of design going on, and the extra detail of Tattoos is excellent, with the double-sided headpieces and hair great, one of the highlights of the set.


The Dementors have their design, they’re excellent, the clear and black ghost-like bottoms with the fabric cloak and black upper body with black hood is also good, essentially just seeing there mouths is also a great touch, they found there design quickly with the new wave and for collectors, these are worth getting for your design and series, so far this is the cheapest way to get one, but you even get two here!

The scenery

This scene all happens at a lakeside thus one of the platforms has blue while the other two hold a tree and would surround the water one, the half circles hold an unusual design for trees, in this small set they have got for two half build trees which means from the front they look like a tree but from the rear, they are essentially cut off, much like half buildings, the trees are both long black flat pieces with built-up light and dark brown pieces build upon it, with a technic pieces holding the branches in place, very different to the normal-looking trees in Lego, one of the trees holds a stud shooter for the projected Petronum spell.


One of the main pieces of the set for many collectors will be the blue trans light stag, he looks fantastic with the colour, the antlers are a different movable plastic while the rest is much more like the traditional horse, I collect Winter sets, and for me, its made Reindeers design look rubbish, its an excellent piece.


Overall its a small set, its cheap and has 4 mini-figures, even with a new element in the form of the blue trans light Stag, his glittery blue is worth the price lol, but with these positive, it’s fine, the rest of the set for me is a little poor, the play value is limited and I don’t like half trees, I don’t like building lets alone trees, I think its a little lazy, there are many examples of trees that are more normal with similar piece count in Lego,

So I don’t know why they did it, but don’t let that detract you from the set, an HP fan or a collector will want this for the mini-figures alone if you weigh up everything its an actually an ok set and an ok price, get it cheap then its a bargain.


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