Lego 75965 | Harry Potter| The Rise of Voldemort

Lego 75965, The Rise of  Voldemort, is one of the smaller sets from the 2019 Harry Potter range and is based on the 4th Film, Goblet of fire, this particular scene happens right at the end of the film where after a clever plan, with the use of Harry Potter himself, Voldemort is returned to full strength at his gravesite. It contains 184 pieces and 4 mini-figures (and a statue minifigure) and has an RRP of £19.99.

Lego 75965

We are big fans of Harry Potter and in general we have enjoyed the sets from the second wave of Harry Potter sets, this set was the second series of releases from 2019 but noticeably one of the smaller sets, however in this second wave, it was the first time we were getting Voldemort and Peter Pettigrew in sets. Tigger did all of the building on this one as it was a small and generally easier set to build.

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter Mini-figure is great, he sports the long hair he had in the film and mini-figure headpiece that is used in this series a lot, but the normal legs make a change showing his age, and his Tri wizard top is great, it shows a little Hogwarts badge on which is an excellent touch. he ofcouse comes with a wand as per all the figures, these are still not unique but at least the colour of what they should be.


Voldemort, as I said earlier, hasn’t been in sets yet on the second incarnation, so we finally get the updated version but also has a unique side of him, his head is fantastic and his clothes show a black with green highlights in the creases, this is a brilliant and great detail.

Peter Pettigrew

Similar to Voldemort we hadn’t had him yet, and during my research, I went back and looked at the previous version of him from 2005, wow what a difference, this one is excellent, it doesn’t perhaps show the slightly smaller fat version of the character on screen but everything else including the printing of the face and the hand etc is excellent, even the dagger is there to show that he cut off his hand as part of the transformation.

Death Eater

I find that these like other Lego sets are the generic Army figure, like LOTR and Star Wars, Ninjago etc. there’s always a generic piece that helps fill out the sets and adds to your army, the good thing here is this Death eater is slightly different to the others, black detailed robes look excellent again and close to the film.


Though that’s it for the mini-figures, the rest is the scene there are a couple of extra details, the little Voldemort style baby which is carried by Peter and placed ready for the transformation, is great and hasn’t been done too often in Legos past, the Statue on the graveyard is made up similar to a mini figure and comes with a platform and a sword to hold Harry in place over the Tomb of Tom riddle Senior in the graveyard, these statues are nothing new but its still fine.


The main building itself is relatively boring, a square middle with 2 slightly sloped run-off areas, these were all easy to build, the middle square is slightly raised to allow the opening function of the tomb, in which after the spell involving the cauldron etc Voldemort rises from the hidden tomb of Tom Riddle Senior. This is fine but there’s just a hole oddly, no space for accessories etc, just a hole, you can place Voldemort inside it ready.

There is a call for more of the graveyard, more like the original by some, but this would be more money etc, this still has the main areas with the splashing of cemetery style scenery, the Tom riddle grave on the tomb, the Deathly arrows reference is a nice touch though not accurate to the movie buts it’s fine.


You could argue the mini figures outshine the scene, they are generally great but only 4, it’s odd there’s no Cedrick Diggory, he is part of this scene and I think his inclusion wouldn’t have been weird or really affect the price, the graveyard is fine, and that’s my word for the set, its fine, couple of neat touches, and if you were doing a MOC of graveyard this is possibly a good addition to it, as for the set a Harry Potter collector will get it, everyone else possibly will give this a miss.


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