Paultons Park and Peppa Pig world – A Dad Review

Paultons Park is located near Southampton and features lots of rides and attractions, its also home to Peppa Pig world, a specially designed area for all things Peppa Pig! 

We’ve now been a few times and have seen the progression of the park over the last few years, within that time the kids have grown up. I’ve wondered how it fits the kids at 3 different ages, as well as where it falls in the country with several theme parks. 

When we first visited both myself and Boo commented that it was OK, a couple of good rides but not lots to do compared to some of the other parks, however Peppa Pig world had not long been opened, and that corner of the park looked great, however, it then made everything feels a bit tired and a very local feel of the theme park. There was a couple of interesting things but to be honest, we won’t be blown away, and for how far we lived away from there it wasn’t worth the long journey. 

However since then, the park has been transforming, Peppa Pig world itself has got bigger. This must-have brought far more success to the park, but to be fair to the owners they have invested back into the park. The toilets and shop facilities have been improved, there’s more of them and in our opinion one of the cleanest theme parks and toilets in the country. Lots of things have been repainted, pathways edging improved, signage, old rides reinvented with designs. They have created a whole dinosaur area, the lost kingdom. 

Peppa Pig World and the surrounding little rides can keep the younger children preoccupied all day. It’s obviously very busy, and in reality, this is something you would need to be prepared for. The whole area is well designed, it’s not just the rides that have that Peppa pig feel with all the characters and references to the episodes etc. But between these it clean and organised and almost a mini theme park within a theme park, the shop is unique with its roof and huge stock, and with the additions of newer rides brought more action near the shop. 

Arguably the other big area is the Lost Kingdom, which for us is great because we love dinosaurs. But this has had a very similar feel to Peppa Pig, not only are the rides good, but they are surrounded by dinosaur designs, scenery and interaction. It’s not just a ride walk to another one its a ride, with a picture of a dinosaur, it’s NOT that! The rides are filled with dinosaur effects. And with older kids and teens and a much-needed break from what else is available in the park. 

There are other rides and these are located all over the park, these were there prior to the main areas being built, but as I said earlier they have all had an investment in making them more relevant or effective to keep up with the new areas. They range from the water play area, basic kid rides, middle-end rides and up to a couple of larger rides. Not super big rollercoasters like other theme parks but still enough for the mid-level rider. 

Unlike some other theme parks, it’s relatively easy to get to, some are in the middle of a village or miles away in the middle of nowhere. However here it’s really easy to drive to with the m3 and m27, the route we had taken. The car parks themselves are OK, again much better than some out there, also the entrance area is ample for the size of the park. The exit perhaps isn’t, but the same could be said for the entrance on a really busy day. 


Overall this is a great theme park, and I do think it’s a little underrated as many people either wouldn’t have heard of it or been there, the youngsters really would enjoy Peppa pig world, and with this, they need to keep that investment going to cater to all. Personally, I think Roo being nearly 13 is nearly at the limit for the park. There are some rides for her as she’s that type of girl but older people would struggle to fill the day.

In reality, this park is for less than 15 years old, unless you are with siblings and your riding with them. I think its a really good theme park, lots of what I have said is a massive compliment, not only to the park normally but when you compare it to others the standard in all things is high. For Boo to say these are some of the best toilets she’s been too, let alone in a theme park is a great thing, as a parent, it’s actually a semi priority, as are a variety of facilities.

Maybe not for the average person but for parents it is. That’s the point, it’s a well thought out theme park, with more stuff than I have mentioned today. I will certainly go back and experience what’s new and go more in-depth one day. But if you have kids, I would highly recommend this over many other big-name theme parks. 


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