Lego 76107 – Thanos Ultimate Battle

Lego 76107 – Thanos Ultimate battle is based on the film Avengers – Infinity War, and contains 674 pieces, 4 Minifgures and includes the space ship similar to the Milano from Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2, however its not clear or confirmed what this ship is or where it came from. Alongside Thanos is a Gauntlet holder and the gauntlet itself, this set is one of the larger sets of the range and RRP is £69.99

Its no secret that Marvel is one of my favourite things, and the films are fantastic, Tigger and I have watched them all but Roo and Boo both like watching them as well, Avengers, in particular, have been great and infinity war was one of my favourite films. We also own most of the Marvel sets, especially from the last few years, so this was a must for us.

The Build…

In bag 1 it focuses on Thanos, and Starlord, Thanos is the larger Mini-figure build (bigfig) which has been used on these larger-scale models like Hulk etc…this is a new version with the helmet on and comes with a built sword, the colours look great with the purple skin and the darker blue clothes, his hand is interchangeable with the Gauntlet. The Gauntlet and holder itself is a nice simple build with the small platform and slipped pieces with stickers around it, inside is the holder, the Gauntlet can fit all the stones which are available in the other sets, a clever financial move lol.

As for Starlord its same old I’m afraid, this was the same as the previous versions especially the head that’s been around since 2014, don’t get me wrong if its good then don’t change, but to be honest he has changed slightly in the film, so they could tweak or put even more detail in it. The rest of the bag consists of an escape pod-style vehicle that’s small and easy to build, it fits in the space ship (more to come) and has a Gamora Sword on it.

Bag 2 has Gamora who has been updated, the printing on her body and brown outfit looks great, her head and hair haven’t been updated, so its the same as last time out, but this isn’t really a big issue as its only been around for about a year and it looks good. The rest of this bag focuses on the hull of the ship, a couple of curved boat type pieces make up the foundation, surprising to not see much Lego Technic in this build. The rear of the ship has blue flat slat for ease of the escape pod joining, a couple of brown chairs make up the sides in the middle part.

In bag 3 we now look to complete the roof support and the wing support, the orange and grey theme continues and a couple of additional design bricks and stickers, add a little difference to the back and sides, the flat rear door closes up, this is a little boring and harsh at the back.

Bag 4 focuses on the cockpit, its a little boring inside but has a angled pieces to allow slight up and down, but more importantly angles it down to add that impactful front, Stickers and doomed glass on top look fine, 2 long angle pieces at the rear clip in to turn from the sides and to the rear.

Bag 5 has the first wing, these much like the rest are still orange and grey with hints of blue, they have a stud shooter on top and on the rear a circular purple and clear piece to show a thruster type option for the ship. The tip of the wings can be angled up and down, much like the Milano and Nova core ships.

Bag 6, in essence, is the same, the wing is made almost identical to the other side, however, this bag also has Iron man. Iron man has been around since the rejuvenation of Marvel MCU and each wave of lego sets tend to bring a new Mark version of the suit.

This is no different with Mark XLVIII , the suit looks sleek and red with the Triangle Arc version, remember this is Nanotech now, so in tow is his new 4 wings and Repulsers, these add damage and strength, along with speed, all part of the Nanotech.

With iron man tends to be Lazer pieces, for play value and these are no different, they fit into the Repulsers great and some to clip on his hands for the shooting. Tonys face looks good with a normal version and Screen version under the helmet, much like the films.


Overall I have some concerns, this is in no doubt not one of my favourite sets, the choice of mini figure is low for a pricey set, £70 ish for me is expensive, the piece count is low, Starlord is no different, Gamora has had a tweak, an updated Thanos though the Model is the same, and a new version of Ironman, which is ok, but again all this feels expensive.

The ship is big and clunky in the middle, its not the Milano, but in reality who knows what this is, just feels completely made up, inside is boring, which is odd as the design of the ship is almost designed to be showing inside and play use, the good thing though is it feels sturdy, more so that the Milano, so great for physical play.

My biggest problem and I know some would moan, is that what is the point of the set? it’s not in the film, this cast and ship has no reflection on the battle? What battle? on Thanos planet? on the Knowhere Rock? Earth? nope….at no point do these all meet up at the same point, and if we are choosing Thanos planet, then there are other characters they could have used aswell or instead.  If you were to get this cheap, then it’s worth it, for the Thanos, Iron man, Gauntlet and another ship, but certainly not at £70.


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