Lego 75955 Harry Potter Hogwarts Express

Lego 75955 Hogwarts Express is part of the revised Harry Potter sets from the Wizarding World range. It contains 801 pieces and includes the Train, Kings Cross Station platform and 6 minifigures, its RRP is £79.99.

We are big fans of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World, we were unfortunate to miss out or the first range of Harry potter sets but thankfully they were resurrected in 2018. Which is fantastic as Lego has improved since the original ones and now, so the styles hopefully would look far more accurate. So with these being launched it wasn’t just me that was keen on getting these, but the whole family which is very unusual. 

The Build…

Bag 1 starts with professor Remus Lupin and Ron Wesley, they choose prison Azkaban for the setting of the train, thus for Remus inclusion. These look great with their wands, Lupin has hand luggage while a trolley with extra luggage and Scabbers is made at this point. Much of the platform is made straight away, which is unusual but when you sit back there’s not much to it lol, few archways and a long grey platform with one brick high, it does half some Harry Potter things like the sign of the platform and the wall that can be passed through as the film. 

Bag 2 sees Harry Potter, like the others the character looks great, in their creations they have short legs to show their ages of them,he also has his wand. Though the colours can be different, lego hadn’t gone as far to custom the wands, which is can understand. The bridge connecting another platform (it does there isn’t another one) also has a clock on it. It looks great and the train fits underneath. (discuss later) 

Bag 3 and 4 has the actual train and engine, if you have ever built a Lego train this is also pretty standard, in a good way. In reality, lego has sussed trains so they tend to be good, but with this the colours of the red and black and the detail of the sticks and the drivers part are great. The cylinder creation and all the extras set it’s off. However, there is no room for the power unit for automation, compared to other Lego trains. 

Bag 5 is quick as it has the coal storage and first compartment for the train, its small and same design from the train. There is flexibility in its connection to the train to allow taking corners easier. Hermoine Granger is the next minifigure, she also has a wand and short legs.

Bag 6 sees the next minifigure in the Trolly witch, who attends the train and kids with treats. She has her trolly with chocolate frog, this is a great touch. For the train half of the passenger, the carriage is made, again red and black theme with the blue interior. 

The final bag 7 has a dementor! This looks great! It’s semi-custom with colours and design, the floating bottom part black and clear is normally for ghosts and works well here, and along with a Cape and hood combination, its head has a scary mouth! Which is another neat touch, With the carriage the remaining side is built, along with the wheels and connections. Again these allow to be placed on the track and take corners. The roof caps off the build as the long black roof is placed. 


Overall this is great, it isn’t hugely expensive, thus perhaps the build is a little simple, even for Tigger. There isn’t much to the set in retrospect thus the 800 pieces etc.. There’s a lot of detail, and this takes up a lot of pieces. However, this means it is good, there are extra little touches everywhere. The minifigures are excellent and are a prime example of why this range should be done. The platform is a little basic and if there was the track, I’m not sure If the train fits underneath, it does now but maybe not. You would need to rest it to be confident.

The Hogwarts Express is iconic for many, and in reality, this set could have been bigger and more expensive, but there will be a lot of debate by the end of the range no doubt what should be bigger and better or remain a cheaper price. Plus when you compare it to the rest will it fit size-wise in comparison to other building etc. This is a must for any Harry Potter fans and if you were only going to buy some of the sets then this is right up there. 


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