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Geek Gear is a website that provides many different pop culture items that you can buy, it also features different mystery boxes which features those pop culture brands like Harry Potter, Marvel, Disney, Rick and Morty, Nintendo etc, however, they have gone far more into Harry Potter and the wizarding world and this was one of their mystery Magic Wearable bundles, featuring 10 T-shirts all Adult sized.

Mystery Magic Wearable

We love Harry Potter

We have enjoyed Mystery boxes from Geek Gear in the past and we have had those different style boxes, but I have noticed they have gone far more into the Wizarding World, which isn’t a problem if you are a Harry Potter fan, as of now their range is very strong for Harry Potter and the Wizarding world, this should fill your needs.

As for this box, we went for something different a wearable box, this box even though a magical theme, (that means Harry Potter) were still a mystery to what ones you would receive, the Price was £30 for 10 Tees, this is a great price for an adults box and gives you a solid idea of what type of Tees you get and the quality, let’s be honest buying Adults Tshirts are still expensive especially good quality ones, for me, I was keen to boost out my collection.


As you unpack the box and discover what you have you will notice that there’s a pattern to the type of shirts you have. They mainly come in Black, with the odd one in white or grey, these are also mainly short sleeve but there are Long sleeves as well which based on your box you could get more than the one we got, I have seen another box that had 3 in so but still a very similar amount of colours though.

Being this mire neutral colour of Black and grey etc, it allows the designs and colours to do the work, and for the most part, there’s a bit more colourful image on the shirt, these are often big and bold and can easily be seen what the design was going for.

The Designs

From that design standpoint, there are minor detail ones which for those that do not want an overpowering image this is fine, but for many, they will want that big design. The great point from Harry Potter is it covers many themes, and with Wizarding world branding, you see such a variety of characters and subjects used.

This could be pot luck and for absolute fans of Harry Potter etc they will be happy with anything, but for others who are keen to get certain things this is the risk of the box, and you will have to be happy with what you get. In our box this was pretty good, I was very wary of some designs, or characters etc that aren’t my style, and on the most part, it was fine with only a couple of them maybe not for me, if you received those types Tee’s then they can be great for under jumpers etc for winter.

Even if you are unsure about designs for yourself the deal is still solid, its a good price and a good range, for the most part, they fitted all very well but like all Tee’s there’s always a little size disparity as some might be a bit tighter etc. This takes nothing away as overall it’s still a great box to choose from, Tee’s a solid selection, solid price and well worth the choice.

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