Lego 79003 – The Hobbit – Unexpected Gathering.

Lego 79003, the Hobbit unexpected gathering set is one of the more iconic sets available. It has a modest 652 pieces and 6 mini-figures. It’s based on Bilbo Baggins House (hobbit hole) and from the trilogy of films The Hobbit. (the house is also in Lord of the rings) 

Lego 79003

Tigger and I are huge Lord of the Rings fans, the films themselves are my favourite. The Hobbit films were good, not up to the standard of Lord of the rings but that’s a story for another day. However, Tigger and I still enjoyed them, so with the Lego sets released we jumped at the chance to buy them. This set was one of the top priorities, not only because its the Home of Bilbo in Hobbit but its also featured in Lord of the rings. 

The Build…

Bag 1 is in book 1, I do think it’s odd that this is over two instruction booklets and it’s not a big set at all, but on the plus side, its made every bag big and the pictures clear which was was a lot easier for Tigger. However, in bag 1 it’s very much the building foundations of the house.

The green bases for the outside and brown panels for inside, wood brown and more green would build the beginning parts of the walls and interior as if you were to remember it’s meant to be carved into a hill. Bilbo is joined in this bag, he has shortened legs much like children in Lego, this is to symbolise the Hobbit size compared to other minifigures, not an exact replica of sizes lol. 

Bag 2 storms forward with the walls and platform for the roof to sit. this building is around 3 sides and small windows are placed into the walls, however, these are improved with a circular design in front to carry on the Homes design. As is the door, it’s iconic circle opening with a circle door really looks great. Some more interior stuff is now made with cooker, as well as a mini kitchen, pans, pots, broom to add to its effect. 

Bag 3  has 3 minifigures, Bofur, Balin and Gandalf. Bofur looks fantastic, one of the best Mini-figures in the series, he has a mining pick but his hat cape and outfit and long with face really is great. Balin is ok, white beard and hair with a sword, cape etc.. Gandalf, unfortunately, is pretty standard now and the same that has been done a few times.

The rest of the bag focuses alt on the interior and the garden area, the outside with its  Bench, Fence including gate, several flowers and vegetables add the garden nicely. The pathway completes the look as we then swing back inside, Bilbo’s writing stands for his book, a big thing in LOTR and table with stools are placed in the kitchen. Food is dotted on and around it, along with a couple of maps and chest opposite side of the half room.

In the final bag, number 4, the final two mini-figures Bombur and Dwalin are made, Bombur looks fine, it’s difficult to empathise his size and wait even with his half-size short legs, he has a pan and sausage. Dwalin again looks fine and is similar to the character, he has a big hammer which is made and now just an accessory.

The other part of the bag has the focus on the roof, this is mainly green with sloped edges and angles of more slopes, this all sits on a long 3 part flat green rectangle. A little chimney pops up between the hill effect along with a tree, to carry on that effect of the hole being in the ground and hillside.


Overall I was going to love this regardless, but actually, as a set, it is one of the must-buys if you are a Hobbit or LOTR fan as the house applies to both. It has limited play value but on display, it looks good, there are some slight disappointments, the table etc isn’t to scale, this would have been better bigger but I know they are reluctant to do that.

I personally don’t like the half house designs, especially when they try to cram things in, this does well trying to cram many of the Hobbit style things in, but as I said before I prefer more space than done more to scale, remember this is a gathering and meant to fit many characters around. But don’t get me wrong, this is still a great set and one of the best from the series.


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