Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | Week 26

At the beginning of lockdown, I started this diary to capture our thoughts, what happened, how it all happened and what we did through it all, with Boo and the kids staying at home and myself being a key worker still out there. This week Was the return to school! and with that how would the back to school go for the kids, oh I had a birthday as well lol.

Tigger Back to School

To be honest, this week was all about the return to school, as it would be expected they went at different times and days, obviously.. first up was Tigger. After a little miscommunication because the school isn’t great at that, we found out Sunday that he was going back Monday, so some as minute rush around in normal school prep, Uniform, lunchbox, shoes and bags all packed and ready.

Tigger had a half a day back at the end of the last term to meet the teacher and where the new class is, but let’s face, it is 6 months that’s it so he didn’t remember anything, but hey that’s Tigger, nothing fazed him, and he acted like nothing had changed, with his class we have to drop him to the gate and then they all queue and get let in it. He’s almost at that age to let him go on his own and this year that will happen,

But for now, he’s getting walked, and I walk him but its literally 5 minutes away, and he’s already begun meeting friends on the walk, the queue system doesn’t exactly fill me with joy, as its all a bit slapdash and kids of that age don’t pay attention.


Roo was next with her return Wednesday morning, shes a confident outgoing girl, but there are moments in her life where she has a wobble, and this was one, you could tell the day before she was beginning to be anxious, and the morning saw her getting a little upset, with planning, meeting friends, classes etc, she was stressing and closing down, and with her sometimes she needs that 5 minutes to chill out and calm down etc,.

At the end of the school day she had been fine, that anxiety disappeared and everything was fine, I get it…High school is different and tough, and they are more at risk than the younger kids, but she needs to be on the ball this year, it’s almost the last run at exams and education etc and this year is her last year of a little normality and easier going time.

Then there’s Piglet.

And then there’s Piglet, she has been counting down the seconds and the minutes until shes back, for her she was last to return, this was her first full year in school last year she attended the school’s Nursery, which was a mini-school for her and we treated it like that for her, so she could get some practice etc. Unfortunately, even though many of the students moved up they decided to stagger her start, which was a little frustrating.

This meant a couple of hours a day, which didn’t help her excitement as she was so excited and disappointed she wasn’t there long. However she enjoyed her time, she love being around her friends and school, she’s that type of girl.

Birthday time.

My Birthday came and went, I’m not a big fan of my birthday etc but we do stuff because of the kids, much like Boo, but this year for obvious reasons it was all a bit low key, we stayed at home spent time with each other and got a takeaway, this might not seem much to people but based on the year we are having, that’s all I want, spending time with my family, fun and relaxing day with a little food, I’m fine with this.


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