Diary From A Dad | June 2023

As each month goes by my Diary from a Dad look at what’s happening with our little family, through all the adventures, challenges and obstacles that come to our lives. As a family of 5, with 3 children at different ages every day, week and month can offer something different. It was June a busy month, Halfterm, end of a holiday, another one at the end of the month, the final exams and we were done!

Where we left the month

So as we left last month we were on holiday over Half term, we had travelled north to Scotland for Boo’s work while visiting family on the way, and stopping off somewhere else on the way back. We were able to stay in a Lodge at Loch Tay, in which the kids were able to paddle boat, Kiyak, and Boat across the Loch, while also enjoying a hot tub and views over a Waterwall.

This was a fun trip but also relatively relaxing, it was a rare chance for all of us to get away from it all for a few days, Boo did a little bit or work where Roo did some last-minute studying, but the then these minor moments we were relaxing and spending family time together.

Even though we were doing it in my car, which isn’t really the family car it was actually a nice drive, and the weather made it seem even better with some fantastic views each way. On the way home we did another stop-off point to help with the drive as it is close to 9 hours, so breaking this in half was better, we stopped off in Liverpool and this gave us the chance to visit Anfield for a planned trip.

As a big Liverpool FC fan I’ve never been able to visit the stadium as we live so far away, there’s been a couple of close times but it’s never worked out, so it was great to visit the stadium for a tour.

It’s over

Back Home it was back to normality for a couple of weeks, I’ve been talking all year about Roo and her exams, her final stretch, well this was it, the last couple of exams were here. You could see the stress and worry end as soon as they were done, only a couple of moments to go back for with her last official day… though there were tears.. and we move onto Prom at the beginning of July.

It’s a big time in Cinema and I’ve haven’t been detailing as much as I should but it seems like every week we are watching a major film and this will continue into July, as we’ve said before these trips are a big deal for us. We also Father’s Day this month, a chance to be with the family and them celebrate me! lol but honestly I don’t ask for much and just spending time with them was good enough for me, they also got me some rum.

Holiday part 2

The final week of the month saw a planned holiday, for Roo to complete her exams, as a reward we treated her to a trip to Butlins Minehead, something she choose knowing the family would enjoy it but also that she could take her Best friend with her. We have gone there roughly every year for the last few years as it as family favourite and we generally always have fun.

We did, it wasn’t perhaps the best trip we’ve had, and it felt like the gloss had perhaps been taken off, small things annoyed us more, being regulars it was eventually going to happen, and again we still had a nice time but there were some frustrations and issues, that perhaps in the past didn’t happen or wouldn’t bother us, more on that another day.

Next Month

Next month continues, no holidays planned yet but the summer holidays start while the end of school and activities are a foot.


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