Living on a financial edge or Saving the excess?

Money is something we often don’t want to talk about and for many, it’s arguably one of the things that’s on our minds the most. For some, it can be difficult from month to month and almost living on a delicate position, almost a financial edge, and for others it can be saving saving saving, sitting on money just in case.

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Top of our minds

However and whatever you do with the money is still one of the main things you have to consider in life, and you can do and use it more than I have already written. We very early on had to pay for everything, we had a mortgage at 18 and had very little given to us or help, out first flat had hardly anything in it when we moved in lol, but in reality as things changed, our houses and life changed, our family grew and this meant that we have lived with having practically no money spare ever.

This is the classic thing, every month we look at it, every month we approach it looking and what money we have and what we can use. This has gone on for years and years wether we were young and starting out to a big family and 20 years down the line, this just doesnt ever change.


You could wonder why? why don’t we save, wheres the excess, could we spend things differently but ill be honest, we have been chasing our tails always. But that’s how we decided to do things subconsciously many years ago, I would rather struggle and be limited on things for myself if the kids get everything they deserve, with it being the house, car, days out, trips, toys anything.

I would rather them have stuff I never had, do things that I never did. Don’t get me wrong they’re not spoilt and we don’t get to do and go to expensive places in the world and with our budgeting it’s utilising what we can have.

But that’s what we are, we are not savers, I’ve tried but unfortunately, the world sometimes doesn’t give you that opportunity, there’s a whole list and story for so much that has happened at the wrong time that as financially knocked us back down. But like others sometimes the world just happens, so add all this up we have just adjusted and learned to live in life for the now, live with what we have, is this better than savers?

Well part of me would love to be savers, careful with money, planning the what if’s and what could happen, spending money on big holidays, bigger new items when they want to at some point in the future, and I applaud those people that can do it, and some would say that what we have is better, living in the now, living to the edge of what you can do, its a risk but why not.

Managing money

Ultimately there isn’t a right answer or best way, of course managing your money in any instance and not getting so much debt that you crippled and things get worse etc, but how you keep afloat, what you do with that money can change and not be wrong, everyone will have an opinion and circumstances can be different for us, there’s always a big part of me that finically we were better, that we had excess money, the stress and worry for many many years does take it toll, but for my kids, it’s worth it, and if they can look back in life and say they had a good life with there parents etc. then its worth it.


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