5 Ways to stay fit and healthy while working from home

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5 ways to stay fit and healthy while working from home, with the rise of working from home due to the events of the pandemic and the last few years, it can be a struggle to fit in that time for keeping fit. Being around your own creature comforts along with work may demotivate you alongside with time and pressures of being at home. But how can we help improve our ability to stay healthy and keep fit?

Ways to stay fit and healthy while working from home
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How to stay fit and healthy while working from home

With many of us now working from home the temptation to get comfortable in your own surroundings and get distracted while at the same time doing work has risen, and we go from essentially work to TV, to washing, to being on our phone, to work, to eating and drinking back to work, maybe see the kids, maybe plan dinners, sort out clothes etc.. with so many distractions alongside work you get into a comfort of staying at home.

One of the big areas affected by this is your own health and well-being, your ability to stay fit is limited, remember your going about 15 meters around your home, your step count Is low, before you would have left the house and even though your time might feel low you were out there, you might do more steps, you might think while I’m out ill go to the GYM or combine fitness walks, Runs, Bike with your work. Being at home what can I do to improve this?

Desk Excercise Equipment

One of the big things you can do is to utilise Desk Excercise Equipment, you are often sat at your desk for a long time so why not combine this with doing exercise, there’s plenty of different equipment out there to help you to combine. You could be working on those arms while watching a training video, taking a call etc. You could be getting those steps in under the desk while typing out emails etc… but ultimately with how many hours you could be sitting at the desk, it’s a great chance to capitalise on this.

Yoga and Pilates

If you are able to fit in scheduled breaks or moments in the day to focus on yourself, you may want to try Yoga and Pilates, both these exercises can be stress relieving, a surprisingly intensive workout, while at the same time relaxing low-pressure to ensure you are not to work up in between those work breaks. From a cost point of view, it’s low, and after watching some key videos you can develop your own program or areas you want to work on, you can even combine it with those rare opportunities to leave the home! but at the very least it will help with your own mind and body wellbeing.

Ways to stay fit and healthy while working from home
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Your office set up

Similar to the desk exercise equipment, another thing to think about is how is your office or workspace set up. Desk changes have also changed recently due to more of us staying at home, Desks can be set at different heights, the cost of those desks has changed, and the ones that allow you to stand as you can change from seating to stand could crucial for your space to work out. It gives you more workout space on the floor, while helping the back etc as you can alternate between standing and seating. Naturally standing up offers you more opportunities with different exercise techniques and equipment.

Work out a routine for you

Speaking of that floor space, either in your office or another room you have for it plans an exercise routine for it, if Yoga and Pilates aren’t your things you can still take those similar ideas to this. If you are limited on space focus on simple exercises that can raise your heartbeat and begin that fat burning, your not doing a full workout that last hours and focuses on a variety of body parts.

You might have 30 minutes here and there, so you want to focus on those Cardio, Crunches, Burpies, Jumping Jacks, push-ups, sit-ups etc… along with other techniques you can develop 30-minute blasts that work for you and you can even scale up as you become more confident.

Serious workout

If your working time allows it, or you are a more dedicated person towards getting stronger, fitter healthier etc… then a more structured harder workout might be for you, you may have more time or you might want a more intense workout. Exercise and GYM equipment might be the choice for you, there’s a whole debate with GYM workouts and home GYM workouts, prices time etc… but if your a home a lot of the time and you want to fit the workout around investing in that equipment might be for you.

You maybe spend a little bit on weights, benches, resistance equipment, Cardio workouts like Bikes, Treadmills etc… These can be costly but in comparison to a year subscription for a GYM that you don’t have to go to? then it might work looking at.

Ways to stay fit and healthy while working from home
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Final thoughts

Whatever you decide its vital for your well-being both for your mind and Body that you still spend time on this, just because you are working at home you do not fall into that creature comfort habit, try to fit that exercise in as best you can, just spending 30 minutes a day will massively help, if you are able to combine work and exercise at the same time, with things like desk exercise equipment then that’s even better, there are lots to choose.


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