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Theme Park Apps have become a much bigger thing over the last few years, with many of the top attractions and Theme Parks having them. As I’ve visited a few places over the last years I’ve begun to download and use most of them, but are they worth it? should you use them? What’s the point of them?

Firstly, depending on your internet it’s worth downloading it on Wifi, there not huge files but still, if you are limited on your internet usage then get it done first. Also please have this in mind when you are using the Apps, not only do most of them want you to turn on Bluetooth, which can drain your battery on some phones, the roaming side of the internet may charge you as you will want it on, but to be honest, most new phones have good batteries and most deals come with and a good amount of Internet, these apps don’t use much in comparison.

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Who has them

The big hitters in the theme park world, Merlin, have obviously used Apps on all their Theme parks for a while now, and to be honest, these started it for me, the Legoland Windsor app was my first, I used it to see Queue times, Locations and Offers, and these 3 are the more useful things about any apps. When we were younger the maps were the only choice, and someplace still provide them, but it’s a waste of paper in my eyes and I would hate to see how much paper is used.

The location part of the apps is very useful, and in most places is the bare minimum of service, but at least it’s updated and gives you good direction, the better quality apps will also allow you to see where you are  (if you turn your location on, another battery drain BTW), but this can also show you the route in where you need to go as some allow you to choose where you’re going. It is good for toilets and services as often these aren’t signposted as well as perhaps big rides are.


Offers and events type things can be handy, they might show this code or a special offer on for the day or hour, these can be very good, or just something extra to know. Events can be useful as well, whats be played at a 4D cinema or show, depending n the attraction, even places like Disney land Paris has these type of Apps, let alone in America, these can be absolutely essential, and many people would recommend the apps for those reasons, some even allow you to book your event, ride or show on them.

Queue times, these can be fairly accurate, but they also can not be! there is a delay, and some places don’t have these at all, luckily the technology is getting better, with it all being connected the time on the screen at the beginning of the ride, is likely to be the same on the app,(if there is a sign) This can be really useful as you plan what your next, the times can be 90 minutes for example, which can be disastrous if you haven’t planned your day or you’re on a time plan.


Overall I think apps are good, and actually there getting much better, I hope companies invest more in these, don’t get me wrong, they can be misleading, they can get it wrong, the times might not be accurate etc… it’s technology etc but you are no worse than if you didn’t have it. If it’s a place you haven’t been before you can download it before you go and plan your day, you can get familiar with it and the app, and utilise it to get the kids organised. More attractions are getting on board with this and down the line, these should be pretty standard in theme parks, zoos, and all sorts of different attractions, as I mentioned earlier, big things like Disney and Warner Bros use it, if local places like Butlins use it now, and this in my own experience can be really useful, as they allow you to book or organise etc. Information can be extremely useful in the initial prep or when you get there, take the COVID and Social distancing info, this is vital for your visits and whatever happens these APPS can give you info for anything.


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