Lego 76395 Hogwarts First Flying Lesson

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Lego 76395, Hogwarts First flying Lesson is a set from 2021 and is part of the range that celebrates the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and also their hugely successful relationship with Lego. The set contains 264 pieces 5 Minifigures though one is a statue and the other is the special gold collectors figures, its RRP is £24.99 and is one of the smaller sets of the year.

Lego 76395 Hogwarts First Flying Lesson

Lego 76395 Hogwarts First Flying Lesson

Lego Harry Potter sets are something we still regularly buy and since the series was restarted a few years ago, they have been one of the more popular series in the Lego group. We being big Harry Potter fans are always looking forward to the sets and even though this was one of the smaller ones it at least covers one of the smaller scenes in the films, interestingly no Harry Potter.

What Minifigures are included in Lego 76395 Hogwarts First Flying Lesson?

Madame Rolanda

She hasn’t really been around in sets so at last, we had the rarely seen Teacher, however, the wait was worth it and she was very true design to the film, a black cap sits on a wonderful blue suit with tie, even the detail of the hair and gloves are spot on and is an excellent addition to your collection.

Draco Malfoy

This isn’t the first time Draco is in a set and even this version of the figure but it was still good to see him in the set., especially as he was the main antagonist in the scene, Yellow hair and black clothes sure his rational outfit from this era.

Neville Longbottom

This was another unique figure and so far Neville hasn’t been in as many sets as you would think at this point. He also is wearing his gear but with his house and unlike Malfoy who has a black broomstick, he has a brown one, the face is spot on though and shows that worried look from the films.

Hogwarts Statue and Professor Quirinus Quirrel

These two minifigures aren’t exactly vital to the set or part of the play, however, both are unique with the statue sitting within the main building. he is grey and has two swords that you can cross to add to the effect. As for the Professor, he is a nod to the originals as part of the anniversary and is good though all in gold.

What is the building like in Lego 76395 Hogwarts First Flying Lesson?

The building acts more like a link between sets than an actual building thus the build is pretty simple, its two almost mirror build squares with a door in the middle. However the design is in keeping with the rest of the other sets so this is fine, for me this could be used multiple in the future. All four houses are represented within the build as their flags are shown in both squares, two in one and the other two in the other.

Inside the squares is an arch and small walkway, but one has a quidditch trophy cabinet which is a little different for a build but also really good and within this set a refreshing bit of detail.

The other side has the same build of course but withinside its square is the arch and walkway, but this one has quidditch supplies including the snitch, like the cabinet a refreshing amount of detail.

The arch and door make the connection between them, a couple of torches and a clear lift device is the added detail but the pure design is fine, I’ve always been a fan of these doorways and I like the overbuild to show a medieval type look.

A couple more clear lifters on the roofs allow you to display or play with your minifigures in the air like a scene from the film and them flying.


This set will no doubt go down in history as a little forgettable as the set itself hasn’t really anything going on, as I said its build acts more of a connecter to other sets if you take out the two sets of accessories.
These though are great and the trophy cabinet is one of the highlights of the build.

The pure build is pretty simple and actually a little boring and repetitive but being small it’s not long. But don’t let that detract that it looks all pretty good and fits everything fine, the arches, pillars, torches and flags look great.
My main gripe is that it’s of the set, the scene is largely outside with grass and these building in the background, so this is the attempt to show that and I get it, this would look better with an addition of the other sets of a field /courtyard etc.

The minifigures are also very good, and thankfully no Harry potter and co, actually different figures and not just the 10th or 15th version of Harry and co, chances are you have these so the choice for me is bang on, I’m not a lover of the gold Minifigures for the anniversary so you will see a trend on my reviews, but the rest are excellent.

Is the Lego 76395 Hogwarts First Flying Lesson a set you rush to get?

No, probably not, however, if you are making a big build display then getting multiple of these will cater for some, for others getting one for the figures and your normal collection then yes, it’s not super expensive but if you can get it cheaper then go for it.

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