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Rave Coffee is a coffee supplier that focuses in sustainable coffee and Eco-friendly products, in which they can supply coffee for Whole bean, Cafetiere, Filter and espresso-based pods, you can purchase these on their website as a one-off purchase or as a subscription option, to ensure you have a fill of coffee all year round! They have a selection of flavours and strengths so you can again choose what style of coffee that best suits you.

With all these Coffee options I opted to try the Nespresso compatible based pods, as you will see on the Blog I love Coffee, and recently I’ve found my Nespresso’s machines as the more user-friendly and tastier options, with Rave given me the chance to try there coffee I was pleased, as I’m always happy to try Coffee lol, but I was also intrigued to see how it works within the machine and of course the taste, I had already decided to try both a black long espresso and a shot in my small cappuccino.

About Rave

“At this point, we could rave on about company pedigree and vision for the future (blah blah yawn) but that’s simply not our way. Much better that you get to know us – we’d love for you to come in and let us show you how committed we are to a better coffee experience. Yes – we are coffee roasters but we’re more than that and if you want to know more, read on or get in touch (otherwise the route to good coffee is simply the Shop tab at the top). It’s probably worth dropping into a conversation we continuously strive to source the best quality raw product possible. Looking in all sorts of direction globally.  

We aim to source coffee that scores 82 points or above on the SCA scale for quality for all of our blends; and 84+ for our single origins as a minimum starting point. A word on our pricing.  Yes, we seem cheap for people who strive for the best quality speciality coffee, we get that.  

We believe that you, the consumer shouldn’t have to pay extortionate amounts just because the coffee is expensive.  Our packaging may not be as sexy as the next roaster, but we believe the coffee is what you should pay for, not the box it might come in.  We are looking into a ‘sexy packaging’ optional upgrade for all our products in the near future, worry not!

We also actually like our staff. Yep. We believe in the simple philosophy that happy passionate staff in a fun working environment equals satisfied customers.  We’re very proud of the personable service you’ll experience in the thriving cafe attached to our roastery –  it’s like we’ve got our own little coffee community going on. Don’t just take our word for it though, come park yourself inside for a brew and see us all in action”

Some pods

The delivery of the pods are in a nice little aerated bag, a stylish look with a vent on the back so smell etc can escape… however part of their big thing is the eco-friendly side of it as well so it’s a good bag to reuse or you can recycle it as its recyclable, the pods themselves are also compostable so long term they won’t damage the environment etc.

If you are used to using Pods then please ensure you follow the steps that you normally would, I know that seems silly but whenever I’ve used non branded Nespresso pods they can be temperamental so I always take it easy, however, these ones were fine and fitted into he machine fine, there is a card to remind you showed you get stuck and a little bit of help eases you.

I had the Signature blend, a medium level strength with a taste of Caramel, Almond, and chocolate however there are several more available should you want to find something that fits you more, but for me, this is fine as it’s my type of flavours.

There isn’t something to remember if you have chosen pods like me, these come and are designed into two different sizes, short and long, the short is more ristretto size suitable for that quick shot of coffee, while the longer version is more of an espresso suitable again fr a shot or a small cappuccino, latte or Americano, you might find it better having a double shot (two pods) if you were going for a larger drink but personally, it’s better for the small drinks.

The Flavour

So I tried both the espresso and small Cappuccino, with this being a medium strength I didn’t find the espresso too strong, I realise that some people will want that hit and there are other versions so they can still get that, as the taste goes it was more of the after taste that sat with me, I didn’t think it was full of flavour as I drunk it but afterwards, I could taste the Almond and sweetness.

I don’t have sugar these days and will have sugar crystals in large coffee, but generally, I don’t, so perhaps for others, they would not really notice the sweetness. For the Cappuccino it was actually a nice combination and a pleasant drink, those Caramel, Almond, Chocolate flavours are always good in a good Latte or Cappuccino.


The Subscription idea is very popular nowadays, and for coffee is can be no different, they range with there different flavours and strengths as before but its a good way to try different ones, if the shop you smart you could get the first box a bit cheaper and times of the year and will help you try it, the price is actually quite affordable for this amount of pods if you compare to other pods and coffee it could cost a little more.

But the quality with this brand is why you perhaps that touch more in some cheaper supermarkets and Amazon etc, let’s be honest your getting coffee from a company that knows coffee and works solely on coffee, not just one of the many things they do so they care more about there product etc.


The sites easy to use, the bags are great in design and simplicity, they are recyclable as are the pods and its an excellent gift idea also, Something that you could easily get someone for Xmas or birthday if there coffee lovers. Personally, this isn’t a cheap style coffee, but neither is Nespresso or other high-end brand coffee, so if you like a good blend of coffee then this is a good choice.

The coffee was nice and fairly spot on to what I like, a flavour with a medium-strength, perhaps I would like a touch stronger but they have a big selection so I could easily try it, they do recommend the sizes of the pods to the size of the drink, and their right, more water from my Nespresso machine would have been too much if you are that short quick drinker then these is ideal.


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