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Piglet and her babies, as she has gotten older like many kids they play with certain toys, like Baby Annabell, and for her, that has been a constant for all this time has been her babies. But why are they? how does play with them? what makes these special to her compared to other toys?

Baby Annabell Hospital - Piglet B

She’s getting older

As she heads into being seven, like many kids she has that older mindset with regard to everything, and with her toys, it’s no different, her creative play and the things she does and says have changed. Even at that point now she’s evolved from just picking up babies popping them back down, getting a little and that’s about it several times, now she’s developed a whole series of events including schools, adventures etc.

Why her babies?

But as I said from an early age kids will shy towards certain toys, and for her were those babies. She has dolls, lego and through the years a whole range of little toys that have come and gone, but the one constant has been those babies. For some children, it’s because the parents also have a baby at the time and they want to feel more involved or perhaps be like them, but Piglet was the last child, so it wasn’t that.

My First Baby Annabell Doll B

Maybe it was the size of the babies, let’s be honest a 3-7 year-old holding or picking up many of these babies are actually quite big, let alone if you had accessories like a pram, bouncy chair, beds etc. It’s all quite realistic in size and especially for them would feel like a much bigger thing to do than some 2-inch little dolls or cars etc. But setting up play organising your babies, dressing them, using accessories etc.. all takes time and can be an effort so maybe in the back of their minds, they are thinking that they have put this effort in and its part of the enjoyment and the looking after of them.

The variety of Babies

As for Piglet, she hasn’t really settled down into brand loyalty and for many kids any baby or accessory is great. Still, actually, there are better quality ones and better style accessories for ease of play. She isn’t one of those that have wanted the latest feeding pooping crying special baby that does all etc. she is often happy with just solid good quality baby toys, something like Baby Annabell, you can get a great range of different types as well as accessories but personally, it’s more about the quality.

Baby Annabell Hospital - Piglet C

Piglet’s latest play with hers has been moving to school, shes seemingly moved away from them being really young and in need of constant care but now about that school, she will often align them and have whole chats etc about school and what they are learning while she is the teacher, this might be because she started school during the Lockdown and it’s still relatively fresh from the last couple of years, who knows? But she puts a lot of effort into it and I’m pleased to see her creativity.

What it will lead to?

I’m in no doubt as the years go on she will lose this play with babies, it will evolve into something else, and it’s nice to see her enjoyment of being a teacher, nurse, doctor etc… with them and she may go down that route as she gets older, but of all the things that have come and gone already it’s great to see her still playing with her babies.

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