My Top 5 Lego Sets for Xmas 2019

The Top 5 Lego sets often appears in Toy lists, all year round, but especially at Xmas, and for many this is a good way to determine what’s good and what’s not. The same can be said in the Lego community and AFOL, they also have opinions on what sets are good, what’s not, what’s expensive, what a waste of money, what figures it has, doesn’t have etc… so with all these opinions, it can be difficult to determine what’s best. But if I was buying Lego this year with what’s currently out there and I hadn’t owned any sets, here’s my little list.

So what would I get and why? I looked at sets that are currently available for this holiday period, I also looked at our whole family, the number of pieces to value, the variety, the play value and wanted to keep it under £100 to be fair. As you would imagine the list is long and there will be lots of sets that perhaps should be on here but it isn’t, but that’s all down to personal choice, I fully understand that there would be a debate with these, I also haven’t perhaps done an order, though 5th would be top-down to one…if your wanting that decisive thought.

The Top 5

60228 Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control

I think the Lego Space stuff this year is brilliant, Tigger and I really like them, you can easily swap this one out for the Space station which is cheaper and unique, but the point of having a big old rocket to play with is fun lol The price is a little high but being a City range means you can often get it 25-30% off if you shops smart.

70670 Monastery of Spinjitzu

Only if you like Lego Ninjago!!! Tigger does, and this is a redone set from a few years ago, and the reason I would buy this is it has basically everyone you need for a first time purchase, and if you were buying there first Ninjago set then this is good. Don’t get me wrong, the Destiny Bounty from the film is fantastic and is well worth a buy, but is more money, as is same for their big sets but they are very good!

76119 Batmobile: Pursuit of The Joker

Why? I know that’s what you are asking, Batmobile, Batman and joker all for £24.99 ish? that’s why, same logic as Ninjago set, if they haven’t got any Batman stuff yet then this is the one, there are still a host of sets available from DC to the Batman film, to the TLMP2 , so lots of different Batmans etc.. and I’m in no doubt there are more elaborate better sets out there, but not for this price personally.

This is arguably the best set to buy for someone who likes Lego, and Batman and doesn’t own any of it, even compared to any set out there at the moment. But they have to like Batman lol

75948 Hogwarts Clock Tower

I’ll be honest this was the biggest debate, not because a Harry Potter set shouldn’t be in here, because they should, and you could have 3 or 4 in this list, as many are still available from the last 2 years. There detailed and iconic sets are brilliant, and if your a Harry Potter fan you can almost do no wrong with any set, and you can replace any set you want in this slot.

My Girls loves Goblet of fire and the Ball that’s in the film, which is based in this one. What they wear and the design of the items is different, and because of that, this is why I choose it. However, I know people would choose the Knight bus or Hagrid House or even the Whomping willow and Hogwarts Express (you can still get) instead but that’s the level of sets available.

21319 Central Perk

It’s not for everyone, I get it, and it’s probably my number 1 (stranger things would actually be my number 1 but it’s expensive). It’s largely because of its 25 anniversary, it’s a cult show, and still hugely popular now. So I am biased with this decision, its level of detail is great, with all the core characters involved, much like the ones mentioned earlier.

Its play value is low, and the price is on the edge of being a bit expensive, so I realise that if I was buying for a child, this would be replaced with StarWars, Minecraft, Disney, Marvel, with well over 200 sets come out this year alone there’s a choice lol. But Boo and I and now Roo and huge fans friends so we would buy this, while we can.


Overall this is just my list, which I even argued with myself as I write this now, there’s so many I could swap and I do believe these and some other can change if you get that right price for them. Thus why there isn’t really any exclusives, they can be brilliant, the Creator Garage, the Disney Train and Castle, Hogwarts!! Astin Martin, Millennium Falcon, Gingerbread house and Treehouse,

for example, are one of my favourites, but a lot of these are so expensive so yes, they are brilliant, yes the build the play are fantastic but let’s be honest, an average family spending near £300? that’s a lot to ask.

The Star wars selection was poor this year, i personally enjoyed the 20th Anniversary sets but as new or even collector? not ideal this Xmas. Minecraft was same old, in many ways so was the Lego Friends, not a bad thing for Lego Friends as its more sets in their world, though most of the mini-figures didn’t change,

Some of the creator sets, Architecture, Speed, and Chinese sets are great and should be here, much like the new Hidden sets (though im not a fan) and then there’s Marvel, which based on my love of Marvel could easily be on here, like the Hall of Armour, or the Spiderman ones, so if you have them they can easily be on your lists.

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