Our Love Of Christmas Decorations.

I love doing Christmas decorations! I love having them all over the house! so for me, this is a great time of year. Much like Halloween, I try to make an effort with the event so I try to plan, reuse, and look for offers in the sales once it Xmas was over.

Even when Boo and I first lived together, we still bought decorations for our apartment and made some effort, we are old enough to have those decorations that hung from the ceiling and spread across the house, the foil looking stuff…

But of course, once the kids arrived we put far more focus into the decorations, to add that special feeling over Xmas. We even put lights in there rooms at times to make it look pretty and light up the room, both Roo and Piglet love lights in their room, and would have had them all year round if they had the choice.

As the years went on I focused more on the outside whereas Boo did more on the inside, we have got to the point where we have two big trees, and a series of animated decorations, (ones that play songs.) Piglet loves these and often wants them to play. Much like her Doggy, who also moves and plays songs, but the pure size is great as its a lot closer to an actual dog lol.

The great thing is we tend to buy things in themes or with ideas to keep and plan for the future, much like I said earlier with sales, we look for others and keep them boxed up ready, even this year we won’t have used all the decorations but kept the theme of it all.


On the outside this tends to be a bigger and yet more expensive display, I use to use the rope character design, but their extensions weren’t very long at all, I tried them in the windows but they wouldn’t hang properly as they kept falling off, whereas the outside was a no go due to there length in cable.

This seems to be a problem and I would love to know how or where people get these from that they hammer on the outside on the walls, and it looks pretty, where does the cable go? how long it is?… but anyway over the last 3 years we have begun collecting the outside decorations, as I said they can be very expensive.

I’ve gone for a blue and white theme, with the icicles and lights all being in those colours, I’ve added pathway lights and begun to implement big standing showpieces, this year with snowman and Tree, but again these are super pricey, so I will once again be running round Garden centre type shops in the aim to pick up a bargain.

I’ve got a snow projector for one of the walls, I’m tempted to get another one this year but I’m always wary of how powerful they are.


The inside is very much boo area, I do very little other than get all of them out of the Garage and put them all back at the end. The decorations like our taste and style, have evolved over the years, with the last few being more themed, this year is not different with a change in the main room, this year is Red and white, with decorations on the tree and in the room all having those style colours (bar the odd other random thing for Piglet),

Roo has Blue, white and Purple decorations on her tree, the rest of the house has a series of decorations, including singalong Music Puppets, Big Standing Cuddly (extenders legs) and other nice random decorations around the house.

The Table and kitchen have placemats and Table cloth in Xmas design, Piglet has a pink, silver, and blue standing decorations in her room, a Xmas doormat outside the front and lights/tinsel decorated around the stairs all the way up. But with Xmas truly here and the house decorated its time now to enjoy and make every moment special while plotting what I will be doing next year in the designs with sales and reviewing whats worked well this year.

What’s your favourite decoration, I actually love the tinsel and lights around the stairs, I would have them all year round if I could…


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