Board Games for the whole Family

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Board games can be a great activity for the whole family, with younger or older kids, as well as parents, grandparents, or just any family members around for that time. Over the years several Board games have come out, and they are still popular now for families to play, but what are some good ones?

Board Games

Family Board Games

Board games can appeal to anyone and thus when you play as a whole family you have to appeal to all age groups at the same time, and often board games can do that unlike other activities, but what are some good ones? The list has some older and more modern-day ones, some that have been popular forever and some that are my own family favourites, some even have multiple versions of them.


Arguably the most well-known Board game in history, Monopoly might be ok for Kids, but it’s the older kids and adults where it hits its stride, the competitive, tactics, and sometimes ruthless side of the game sees it forever one of the family favourites, et alone the many different variations that are out there.


Scrabble has been around for a while and is probably enjoyed more by adults, especially the older ones, but you can still enjoy it as a family, there are younger editions if you are concerned but like other games, the competitiveness kicks in, plus it’s fairly educational.

Game of Life

It’s quite an old game now, and I think the modern-day board gamers probably don’t know much about this, but for me and my family we grew up on this game, it’s been a family favourite for a long time. a slight twist on a traditional board game and adds a little bit of maturity for young kids who might play it and think about the future.

Trivial Pursuit

Much like Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit has been around a long time and has travel versions as well as normal ones, but like Scrabble young kids are possibly not that fussed about it, but for many others and the whole family it’s a good general knowledge style game, again there are younger versions as well.

Logo Game

Possibly one of the best modern-day games, maybe you could say the Monopoly of the 2000s, with this game there are also different versions out there from different countries and different brands. But this is a great all-round family game that adds competitiveness and comedy, with the skill of knowing the brands.

Ticket to Ride

This is one of those more pro board games, but it is simple enough for the whole family to enjoy, when it is then based on a location like a Ticket to Ride London, or a country, city etc. that you know, then it becomes even simpler to understand, for me its a good game and a great was to introduce family into potentially more difficult and in-depth games down the road.


An old classic, and to be fair something I’ve grown up playing, perhaps it lost its gloss nowadays, even though it is one of the more known games in history, It even spawned a film…but it’s still a great game to play even if you haven’t looked at it for a while.

Top Trumps

Like a couple of others on this list, it’s a great travel game, it’s fine playing it at home and perhaps the whole family, especially the older ones, might not be a huge fan of this anymore, but actually for travel etc it’s a great game to have with you. You can easily spend some time on the travel or waiting for things playing this game, hardly anything to take while the game is still relatively simple to understand,


Again another Family Travel game, you can play this at home and I think all ages will have played this at some point in your life, but out and about or on your holidays it’s a good utility game to have with you.

Hungry Hungry Hippo

There are a bunch of traditional games that the whole family would have to play, Pop up pirate, Buckaroo, and Hungry Hippo are probably the more well-known, and when you entice your family to play sometimes the classics like this get them involved, but this chaotic fun is that…fun.

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