Advent Calendars

As a family we have enjoyed Advent Calendars for many years, when Boo and I were first together before the kids we didn’t have them much, just a small chocolate one each, but to be honest it was just a way of having chocolate. Then as we had kids we, started to look more in detail and invest in Advent Calendars, just to add to the fun of Xmas.

advent calendar

Over the Years

But over the last few years, we have begun to move away from the traditional chocolate calendar each, partly because Tigger is a fussy eater, and even when the milky bar chocolate he likes, is in a different shape (Xmas style) he still wouldn’t eat it. So we had to be creative, it coincided with Tigger and I enjoying Lego. Whereas the girls have no issues eating Chocolate, they can all be a bit fussy and preferred branded chocolate.

So luckily Lego had brought out advent calendars, I got a star wars one for us to do and wanted to see how we got on, as we hadn’t ever had one before. They turned out to be great, so the year after that we bought them again and got Roo a Lego Friends, Tigger a Lego City, and myself  Star wars, as there tend to be different things each year.

Again this turned out to be great! all of us enjoyed the fun of opening them up and building them every morning. Don’t get me wrong they are lots more money than a standard Chocolate one, but it’s like another present for them but spread over the 25 days and if you play the deal right you can get them on offers.

So this year we again have bought calendars, I’ve got a Star wars one, Piglet now has a Lego Friends one, Tigger has a Lego City one, Roo being older and a teenager has a Friends TV Series one, and Boo joins us with a Lego Harry Potter one, a first for Lego and her doing these type calendars. I’m going to scout out for offers on a couple of branded chocolate ones for Boo and Roo, as i know they still like chocolate.

Ultimately we trying to be a bit healthier with it and to make it more of a special event, I love Xmas and everything about it, and if this is another thing to make it extra special then I don’t care. I’m not saying everyone should buy Lego or buy big expensive calendars but I do feel you could make it different, special, not just a cheap £1 Calender of cheap chocolate, if you want to do that as well there’s no harm, but its only a special as you make it, much like Xmas is for many, as special as you want it to be. Join us on Instagram to see the pics of what we get!!!!


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