Lego 10267 Gingerbread House

Lego 10267 Gingerbread house is part of the Seasonal Winter (Christmas) Sets that are released yearly around Xmas time, they belong the part of the Creator Range which means their piece count is normally good and has extra detail for Adults. This set has two mini-figures and has 1477 pieces in total at RRP of £84.99 with the house being the main part, there are some accessories around also.

Heads up, the Seasonal (Christmas) sets are my favourite, and they are one of my presents from the kids every year which is great, but t also then means I wait all year to build the set and any extras, which adds to my excitement, this one was no different with something a little different, we’ve had a few module type buildings and scenery so it was nice for a bit of fun, in essence, a small version of ta Gingerbread house has been done a couple of times before and these were popular so it makes sense for Lego to have done this.

Gingerbread Man

As you would have hoped and maybe expected the mini figure is a custom one, the dad has excellent colour and a great print, but the headpieces for me is so unique, the chocolate filling around the head and the moustache is the best thing though and shows the difference of two Minifigures, he comes with a smooth 2x piece that has a print of the baby Gingerbread on it.

Gingerbread Woman

The mum Gingerbread figure is also custom, again excellent colour and printing but she has a skirt which contains the colour and print, the headpiece like the dad has a colour filling but this one is pink and the face looks also great, she had a feeding bottle ready for the child.


Like many of the Seasonal sets they often come with many accessories, this one is no different, having a child the family has a pushchair (pram) suitable for the kid, this is the first time I’ve seen it made this way, and is colourful with cookie wheels to add a little bit of fun but it fully works and moves.

The other parent is free to use the other mobile accessory, the lawnmower (snow mower) again this is something I’ve not built or seen and is an excellent little idea, the colours of red and white are all Christmasy and suits the set and a little sweet swirl on the sides add more fun.

There is also a Christmas tree, the main design is the traditional build with a pole four side square studs to support 4 sides of the tree, but the star for me is done a little different with a much larger Star than normal, it’s different and uses those accessories style diamonds that’s normally clipped on figure or vehicle.

Around the Christmas tree is of course toys, and this is no different, there are no gifts but opened toys for the child to play with, a train, truck, heart and a couple of other bits, though for me I really liked the Rocking horse, a very unique idea and its execution are excellent.


Being the main thing of the set the most detail is set here, its construction is like many other modules as you connect the bases and build up each room with the roof, however as I said earlier this is filled with extra detail and you spend as much time on the little pieces than anything.

From the outside that detail is visible, the candy cane signpost and table chairs are a nice extra touch, the colour of gingerbread continues through it all and matches the historic building brick colour that’s normally used, but the roof had colour pieces to brighten it up and along with the windows and window frames of red and white, the use of white is great and used to break up the colour also, but the design shows the snow hanging off like icicles.

Unusually the Light brick with fireplaces is seen outside, this isn’t an issue and the tall chimney on top allows the construction of a smoke/snow piece that’s visible at the top and you can push down to make the light shine, it lights up the inside of course but the outside also does, though the pretty surround the front and side door, and these purple and pink windows are the inside.

The inside is a half build, unlike its bigger brothers in the creator series that has enclosed buildings, this again is a half build like the other seasonal sets, its a shame they do this because the play and detail value is less. The downstairs has an entranceway for the main and strangely a side door, the kitchen with tiled floor is visible and the more detailed area with counter, cooker and utensils,  across the rom is a small seating area in front of the fireplace and has a unique cupboard.

Upstairs (there are no stairs) essentially is split into two open rooms, a bedroom and bathroom, the bathroom end has toilet and bath and sits in front of one of the windows, it all a bit snug but a nice design, the other end has the main bed for the adults which looks great, almost as good as the lamp next to it, and the babies cot/crib next to it. The roof is angled and all a little tight but it’s much easier for display than play, the roof is made in pieces and slotted in.


This is an excellent build and looks great, it’s a cross between ski resort house and a cartoon esc cottage, and the level of detail is once again for a season build great! the fact it’s based around Gingerbread characters is something different and unique.

Its very colourful and with the snow works really well on the traditional Creator brickwork, being that seasonal fun the candy cane colour is great though for me I wasn’t a huge fan of the pink and purple windows, it’s just my taste and I didn’t really like them, but I understand for others the glitter and the pink/purple is great, however, I would have preferred colour bricks or stair glass esc.

The mini-figures are excellent and the baby is ok, though with the micro figure available I’m surprised they went with the plate. The light brick in the chimney is theatrical like many pieces in this set lol, but it works well and it is a nice touch that the light is seen outside.

There is enough detail in the building to still be good, even though I’m not a huge fan of half builds, and I would have a loved a full building, but I get it, this is still a great set and different to the other sets.


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