Lego 75948 | Hogwarts clock Tower

Lego 75948, Hogwarts Clock tower is from the second save in the second coming of Harry Potter sets, it focuses around on one of the larger buildings at Hogwarts, The clock Tower. This though is set at the Yule Ball in the Goblet of fire film, which takes place at Christmas. The set contains 8 mini-figures and 922 pieces, and some Christmassy items.

Lego 75948

This is Boo and Roo’s favourite film of the bunch, partly because of the teenager style love interested and story happening, which was very different up until this point for Harry Potter, and really showed them as teenagers from perhaps the previous ones with kids etc, it’s also one of the films that really showed more from the World of Harry otter, not just everything local. With all this being said then obviously this was a must buy, even without Boo and Roo’s love of it, it continues the larger build of the big Hogwarts.

Albus Dumbledore

Dumbledore for obvious reason has and will be in many sets, but this version shows him in a different costume, the face and beard are traditional but the hat and Clothes prints are pink and white and are great to have some difference to him. However, in the film, his clothes are more silver and white than pink, if you’re wanting to be fussy.

Cedrick Diggory

Played by a young Robert Pattison he’s actually not a big character in this scene, I’m surprised he here but he is one of the more known characters from the film, he comes black-suited and booted, and unlike the other teenagers he has normal mini-figure legs to show he’s older, in reality, he is a standard mini figure, if I showed him to many people they wouldn’t have a clue as he looks a little generic.

Fleur Delacour

Like Cedrick she is at the ball but again not a big part of the scene, but i get why they’re here as its the Yule Ball, she also looks a little generic but her dress is simple but nice, he hair is a bit too blonde and not quite the same buts it’s close enough for the scene

Harry Potter

He is also black-suited and unlike Cedrick, he has a white Bow tie, very similar to the film, and it’s great to see another version of Harry Potter, the hair, Face seems to be quite consistent in these sets but there are several clothes pieces coming out, but this for me is one of the better ones

Hermione Granger

For many in this scene Hermione is their standout, its much about her as any of them, and for many, her dress is a big part of it, and again really shows the Kids growing up and is one of the more first looks at them as adults, the mini-figures is ok compared to the movie, its probably doing as much as it can as it doesn’t haven’t much volume, but it does have detail, in different shades of pink goes close to the film, with the hair ok a big bigger than perhaps the film but it’s all being a bit fussy, it’s still a good a mini-figure overall.

Madame Olympe Maxime

She follows the same design for previous sets but like many of the other characters shes wearing a unique dress, she still has that tall look about her though like Hagrid I feel the mini-figure proportion isn’t right but anyway, the design of the dress looks good with white and a pinkish pattern.

Viktor Krum

He is arguably the best mini-figure in the set, his striking red top with the printed fur on looks great, this is a great representation of the character and looks fantastic, it’s very easy to tell who he is in the film scene and completes the Tri-Wizard contenders.

Ron Weasley

Ron looks pretty good in this outing, his hair is much longer than the previous versions as in this film they are growing up, his suit is weldone compared to the film, the film version is so awful and they try there best to capture the horribleness of the suit, but its a good figure to have of Ron in your collection, and his face is surpassingly not scared for once!


Some extra scenery components to help fill the mood, a small Christmas tree is present to help with the illusion of Xmas, too many who complete these winter-themed sets this build isn’t a surprise, a central pole with 4 side pieces going up, and triangular pieces making the tree, the 2 other scenery components are identical tables, trying to carry on the snow and glass theme, its fine but if you look at the film or pictures the hold tables etc are so extravagant, with colours as well as glass, so I’m not sure where this perhaps quite fits in as it’s missing the rest, or even a building to be placed into lol.


The clocktower is quite iconic in the film, it’s tall and houses several rooms, it been used at several parts of the films, including to Dumbledores death (spoiler) and I would have prefered a little more room up the top near the roof, however, the idea of this main part of the is top hold an entranceway and a couple of floors, these were made of bedrooms and an office, the bottom floor being that entranceway to the building, the second-floor being the office and the top floor making way for a couple of beds, which is a little odd, as they weren’t living in this build.

These are all nicely decorated with many little components to enhance each room, I’m not a lover of half rooms as they almost always struggle to fit in everything needed to show whats going on and for me, it’s still the same, but the one thing it does hold is clockface turning mechanism.

From the front though the main building looks fantastic, it carries the theme and the colour very well with the indented room particularly looking sharp, it really does look excellent with the colours of the yellow and grey, the clock though is a great addition, with all its windows and then that clock face makes it look very similar to building on the film.

With this building it has to further smaller extensions,  one is a small tower, this is odd as it has two floors, the ground floor is a bathroom which looks fine, above is what we are supposed to believe is Dumbledore office? its made up of a desk with some printed stick for Fawkes, the sorting hat, the Bookshelves etc. this is very unusual with such a big part of the story and theatrical entrance and grandeur of the office, I’m unsure why it crammed it? the roof id designed the same with the addition of a sword of gryphon door in it.

There is a wall to help continue the design into the dancing room, it’s a mini building with the same design and colours as the other though no roof this time, however, the floor is made up of a spinning platform to allow the dancers on each platform to turn within the turn of the floor, to give the illusion of dancing, this is actually pretty good, though not housed properly or big enough its one of the better parts.


Tigger and I were fine making all of this, the dance floor was a unique and great touch, the roof on the main clock tower was a nice different design for me, and also the clock itself was great, bang on what they could have done. However, my opinion of this set changed when first announced I was so excited when we got it, I was still really excited, a scene from the film while still making more of Hogwarts etc,

With some unique items etc, but once finished this and sat there with this review I thought actually I’ve got a lot of issues with it, far more than many of the Harry Potter sets, though the positives that I outlined above are great, and there are some including some of the mini-figures, I was just a little disappointed and confused compared to some of Lego designs. The mini-figure selection is odd, it’s a shame we don’t have either of Harry and Rons dates, they would be different mini-figures compared to just different clothes of some, I don’t know why Dumbledore is there?

I can only think its because of the office if the Madame is there where is Hagrid? they are important to these scenes, it’s great to have the Tri wizard champions and I’m on the fence whether they should be there, but its great for the character choice, the absence of Igor Karkaroff is also a shame as he has a delightful white coat version of him.
The clocktower is great but it’s not accurate with the rooms, just some random ones thrown in there, in the bedroom a medic room as it indicates in Prisoner of Azkaban? whose office is it? did I miss a trick?

The dancing floor is good but in reflection, this is where they fall down is, f you are doing the clock tower and dumbledores office then this is what it should have been with more detail etc, or if you’re doing the Yule ball then it needs a proper building with this dance floor and a host of great little additions they could have used, look back at the films there are so many little details of colour, ice, snow etc they could have used,

They missed a trick, Dumbledores office alone annoys me so much I would give it a 1 star out of 4 then is a big room with loads of important key details, not just a couple of stickers and we are done, I’m split on this set on whether I enjoyed it, its one of the more expensive ones and struggles to do two things and would have been better to do them separately, which is such a shame of how much I was looking forward to it.


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