HMV | £14.99 Mystery Box

HMV | £14.99 Mystery Box, HMV is one of the biggest brands in the UK when it comes to pop culture, Music, Films, TV, games etc… With their History in Pop Culture, they have also begun Mystery boxes, in selected themes and prices. This one is priced at £14.99 and boost the minimum value of the overall box at £30, but what did we get in this one?



These style boxes are not exactly themed and can be a great spread of different pop culture items, they can be a great present of gift present, or even for yourself a great way to see different types of items for your collection, maybe even start one. But they can be varied and thus the type of person might need to be considered when you buy these as a gift.


Back to the Future is still highly regarded in pop culture, Films, Merch and even a stage show nowadays, so a good one for someone you will know, for us I am a big fan of the franchise so I’m good.

Minions Pencil Set

Minions is still ever going through different films and is arguably massively known today, this pencil set that includes pencils, a sharpener, Ruler, Rubber etc.. is a great little gift for a child or big minion fan.

Micky Mouse Postcard

Obviously, there’s no need to go into detail about Disney and the popularity of Mickey Mouse etc, it was a surprise to see this in here, however, a nice simple Mickey Mouse Postcard is fine, I appreciate it probably wouldn’t get used in that way but some people may use it for display.

Minions Notebook

Surprisingly a second Minions product however as we already covered this ever-popular franchise, it’s not terrible being here and goes well with the pencil set also in this box, and looked a little more mature than the pencil set in design.


The Keychain focuses on Black Clover, a manga-animated series which if I’m super honest I’m not that familiar with, and if we are more honest Manga isn’t maybe mainstream and can be a little specific, especially as this isn’t really one of the well-known series, but for those in the know I’m sure this is great.

Harry Potter Picture

This Harry Potter picture isn’t normal, it’s those graphic ones that are you turn the face of Harry changes into Voldemort, a really neat piece to own and if your Harry Potter fan this is excellent. If we look at Harry Potter it still massive and in the UK it will be popular for a while.


These boxes can be a little random and remember are ultimately a collection of pop culture stuff HMV sells, these are great for the whole family or someone with a broad range of interests, this again shows this with the brands covered, so have this in mind if buying.

But there are some good stuff here and for the value of £15? its well worth it, the mug alone would be near £10 in the real world, same for a notebook, Picture, pencil set etc.. so if your happy with the items it’s worth the price.


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