Plan a Family Trip to Florida

When you think of Florida, you probably think of family holidays. It’s the home of Disney World, after all, so it’s only natural to associate the US state with family fun. Florida can also be a pretty affordable place to go, and it’s not too far away, being on the east side of the US. If you plan your trip well, you can avoid spending too much, making it a great introduction to the country for your whole family.


If you’re interested in going to Florida, there are multiple ways you and your family could find things to do and enjoy a holiday that you all remember forever.

Planning a family trip to Florida gives you lots of great options that can be fun for everyone. Try some of these ideas to plan something you’ll all love.

Do Disney

You can’t plan a trip to Florida without considering the Disney experience. It’s the ultimate family fun option if you want to visit Orlando, whether it’s the sum total of your time in Florida or just part of your trip. You might think of it as an expensive option, but you can get some great deals on a trip to Orlando, Florida from places like Orlando Vacation. Be sure to check out their range of specials, specials, discounts, and customized plans on hotels and theme park tickets that Orlando Vacation can offer. If you need any assistance with booking, then give them a call on 1-800-641-4008.

There are lots of tricks that you can use to save money and still plan a memorable Disney holiday. And you have so many different choices so you can make the trip entirely what you want it to be

Take a Road Trip

If Disney doesn’t really appeal to your family, there are other options that you can consider. A great American road trip is definitely something that everyone should do at least once. It’s not really something you want to do with young kids who don’t like being stuck in the car, but it’s a good choice when they’re a little older and don’t mind a longer drive. Plus, you can stop often and check out what there is to see along the way. There are some excellent Florida road trip options that will allow you to take in more of Florida, rather than just stopping in one place.

Head to the Florida Keys

The Keys are a great place to escape to if you’re looking for somewhere beautiful and relaxing, but still offering plenty of activities. There’s something for everyone, depending on where exactly you choose to go, so you can make everyone happy. Key West is a great option if you love history and want an educational trip. Islamorada is a good choice if you want to go fishing, while Key Largo is excellent for beaches, surfing, and more. Make a trip to the Florida Keys whatever you want it to be.

Relax on Sanibel Island

Some families like to take life at a slower pace. Some of Florida’s islands are ideal for this, including the stunning Sanibel Island. Sanibel is the perfect place for your holiday if you want to spend your days relaxing on and around the beach. You can do everything from looking for seashells and building sandcastles to kayaking and going for fun family walks. If you want a more sedate holiday but you still want to have things to entertain everyone, Sanibel Island could be just the right place for your family.

Find Fun in St Petersburg

If you want a city holiday, you have a number of great places to choose from. St Petersburg is a wonderful choice, being very family-friendly and giving you access to so many things to do. Try the Fort De Soto State Park if you’re looking for outdoor activities, including hiking, water sports, camping, and beach activities. Or if you want to stick to the city, you can seek out great restaurants and other things to do, from going to museums to going shopping.

Learn About Space

Florida’s Space Coast is a cool place to visit for any budding astronomers. As well as the Kennedy Space Center, you’ll also find museums, beaches, and things to do at nearby Daytona Beach. Nature lovers can find some amazing things to do, including birding, viewing turtles and manatees, trails, parks, and nature tours. If you time your visit at the right time, you might even be able to see a rocket launch during your time on the Space Coast. You can find out when they happen from the official website.

There are so many ways for families to experience Florida. Whether you choose Disney or you want to do something different, you can plan something that you will all love.


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