The Best Countries For A Road Trip


Eager to take a road trip abroad? There are many countries that are renowned for their thrilling road adventures. For those that love a driving vacation, this could be the perfect getaway. Below are some of the top countries for scenic drives.

road trip


America is known for its long open highways, often sporting all kinds of quirky and impressive roadside attractions along the way. Route 66 is the most famous driving route – there are all kinds of odd statues and sculptures along this historic highway including Cadillac Ranch and The Gemini Giant. For taking in natural sights, the San Juan Skyway is a must – this winding road runs through Colorado past waterfalls and mountains and is known to change dramatically throughout the year. Driving in the US is very easy, although, like many places in the world, you may want to avoid the centre of cities where traffic can be more hectic. 


Iceland has so much natural beauty that is only accessible by road including glaciers, waterfalls and dramatic mountain views. The country’s Ring Road is a popular driving route and will take you all around the island. If you fancy a challenge, consider trying some of the country’s F-roads – these rugged roads include narrow mountain passes and river crossings. Summer is the best time for a road trip as generally you don’t have to contend with ice and snow. 


Australia also has many scenic drives. The most popular is The Great Ocean Road between Torquay and Allansford, which offers breathtaking clifftop views. You can also take a road trip into the outback from many of the country’s cities. Perth has many incredible natural sights on its doorstep – consider renting a car from a company such as Burswood Car Rentals to explore the coasts and bushlands. Be careful when driving into central Australia, as settlements are few and far between, meaning that you really have to plan where you stop. 


Ireland is another great country for planning a road trip in. The country is renowned for its scenic coastal drives including Copper Coast and Atlantic Drive. It also has many narrow and winding country roads with beautiful views on either side. You can check out a few great Irish road routes here. It’s worth also venturing into Northern Ireland while you’re on the island as there are some great routes here too. 


Spain’s scenic roads include dazzling coastal drives and routes through historic Moorish cities. They’re arguably some of the most scenic and diverse in Europe. You could plan a trip from Barcelona to Madrid or you could plan to travel around the entire coast of the Iberian peninsula (including Portugal). Spain has a few unique driving laws that are worth reading up on before you plan a road trip here. Driving in Spain’s cities can be a bit manic so bear this in mind if you plan to stop at a few cities – in some cases it may be easier and less stressful to park on the outskirts.


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