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It’s Back to School with Geek Gear’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry mystery box, in which we see some a Back to School themed box from the World of Harry Potter etc. This boxed was filled with all the necessary equipment needed for your return back to School.

Geek Gear Back to School

Geek Gear’s selection of Harry Potter themed mystery boxes and accessories have become very good, as they have now gone all-in on the wizarding world. This box, however, was a limited edition run of their Back to school themed box, every so often they do a special bo and these can often be much better than the standard box, however, they can also be a little more expensive and worth taking note. But how was this box? was the time worth the value? let’s look at it.

The box, itself has its own special design, the inside maybe its standard but the font etc was excellent on the outside, along with the brick pattern. Inside was adequate filling to support the journey of the items, along with a great A4 document, themed in the back to school with a list of the items in the box on one side and what’s needed to attend the school on the other.

Accompanying this was a Broom Replica which oddly didn’t fit in the box and was separate, it’s a standard wand size box, so I’m not sure why this wasn’t planned.

Wizardry High Street T-Shirt

“Close your eyes, you can hear the hustle and bustle of the street, strangely comforting, You’ve never felt more welcomed.”
The shirt was in Roo’s size and she was a big harry Potter and helping me with the box, the design was black which is often a good choice, but the design of the mentioned streets was excellent, much better than many Harry potter designs I’ve seen recently.

Wizardry High street Pub | Hot meal Token.

“You were handed this by a peculiar gentleman sporting an apron and smoking a pipe. Welcome to the world of Wizardry little Un, a free hot meal at the cauldron for all new students. Best to keep your energy levels up for the shopping spree you suppose, How bad could pea soup be?”
It’s actually a weighty style coin/token, with great purple trim and cauldron in the middle, one of the best Medals in a mystery box I’ve seen.

Hogwarts and Black Lake armed Print

“Even with everything that you’ve seen already, nothing feels quite as magical as this.” Probably not really a back to school item, I realise it’s the journey to school kind of, however, it’s a really good print and would look great on display, Boo has already eyed this up and a great scene from the film.

School Houses “Sorted” Initiation Medal

“A great sense of house pride washed over you. From the minute this was draped around your neck and the booming house name Echoed through the student filled hall, You knew this was no longer just a school, you were home.”

The medal again was well made, the red coin and red strap go well and would suggest Griffindore, you can choose a different house if you wanted to.

Wizardry Broom Replica

“You have it on good authority that first years aren’t supposed to purchase their own brooms. Still, that didn’t stop one somehow making its way into your luggage, curious, very curious! It’s almost as if you’re destined to use it. Gripping your hand around it, you feel like something has awoken within you. Your peripheral vision seems sharper, your heartbeat slower, small objects seem more in focus as an unfamiliar voice reverberates around your skull catch.”

As I said earlier it’s not in the box, which is a little odd, and it does look like a wand, in a wand box.. but the design is excellent and a great replica of the broomstick, highly detailed and would look good displayed.

Stationary Set

“boring, what are you on about? any self-respecting wizard or witch worth their sale knows that hardy, reliable stationery is the backbone of the wizardry world. If anything, at least you’ll always have a pen when someone asks…that’s something”

Stationary fits the box theme, as you would need it, perhaps not the coolest thing in the box but for someone who is at school, a great gift, the pen feather, in particular, looks neat.

Wizardry School Shop | Bag for Life

“Strange, most strange indeed. You Popped some textbooks into the bottom of this bag but the wight didn’t change. You could’ve sown you heard a swooshing noise and then distant thump, almost as if a set of books hit stone flooring somewhere. You must be imagining things, then again…the bag didn’t get any heavier, gosh this magic carry on is brilliant innit?”

The bag for life Is an excellent design and probably quite practical in real life, with the design of whooping willows and flying cars it’s one of the more iconic designs that could have been chosen.


“Part of you wants to question why on earth this lovely owl has come seemingly shrink wrapped but you recall the manager at the owl emporium allaying your concerns. You know for an extra 2 Bob we’ll shrink wrap your pet within an enchanted bag to keep your luggage load smaller for the train journey ahead. Perfectly Safe, sort of link stasis for them, Tear is open when ready and the first is none the wiser, just a few ruffled feathers. Your trunk is heavy enough… you don’t regret that choice”

Accompanying you on your journey to school is a pet/companion, Harry has Hedwig and in the box is one! it might be vacuum sealed but he comes out all fluffy, it brilliantly soft and cute, Piglet loved it!!!

Envelope Notebook

There is some extra items not listed on the Back to school sheet, this Notebook in the style of an envelope is arguably one of the best things, it’s very unique in the landscape layout compared to the normal portrait, and use a magnet to lock it.

Magnetic Bookmark

Another item was a magnetic bookmark, the design was in the style of a cartoon version of Luna Lovegood, actually a pretty good design and quite different for a bookmark.


Its RRP is £39.99 which is higher than normal, it’s in that category of inflated limited edition price that companies do. However paying more often means you get more, and you do in this one, sticking to the item list is perhaps a little pricey. The items are solid though with the choice being varied, the Owl, T-shirt and framed picture are very good! and really give you a sense of something special.

To be honest, the coin and Medal are unique and maybe discounted by certain people but actually, they are good. The Broom may be in a separate box which was weird and perhaps a wand may have been more useful than a replica of an item they “shouldn’t use”.

The bag is neat but with the extra couple of items, it helps the stationary set, the notebook and magnetic bookmark is alongside the Stationary a good gift idea, sticking with the theme. Was it worth it? as a harry potter fan you will obviously think so, many of these items would be more than £10 each, but put a neutral hat on? yes, it is for £39.99 and would make a wonderful gift for a harry potter fan, if there were fewer items then in reality it would definitely be less, and that is the box, it’s on the edge of price.


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