Tigger | An Artistic Boy

Something I’ve talked about before in other relatable posts is Tigger and his Artistic drawing, whether using a tablet, at school in a variety of projects or just simply in his notepads/notebooks around the house, he over the years has grown into just enjoying drawing, he is an Artistic boy.

Growing up

As like most kids they grow up and during that time they favour certain things, Tigger has enjoyed things like Tech, Reading and Films, but what has begun to be one of his main things is his love to draw, there wasn’t anything in particular that started it.

At school of course he would get involved in projects and draw etc, and he would bring stuff home like any of the kids, and you get used to the sheet upon sheet of just random stuff, however, ultimately this was of course fueling his desire to draw.

In his rotation of what he does at home, he’s getting to that age where playing with toys is getting a bit too young for him, and we try to rotate his gaming so he’s not on there every day. He does like to read as I’ve said and he will put a https://www.netflix.com/gb/TV series of films in the background and sit with his pencils and notepads, he has more than as we have been able to gift him a few different ones, but he’s often just sitting doodling.

He takes different designs he’s read of seen or just simply taking inspiration from what he’s watching or just making up, to be fair to him there’s no particular theme or subject, he just likes to do different drawings.

What’s he going to end up doing?

I do ponder with his enjoyment of gaming and drawing whether he will look into game design, or some sort of artistic style within that, my only worry for that is I have seen countless people due to my work in the industry try and not quite make it due to the huge amount of popularity of the idea of it, but in reality, he could multiple ways with his drawings,

If he keeps it going I wonder if this will be something that he sits on as heads into his teenage years and GSCE’s time, I really wouldn’t be surprised by it, especially as we haven’t really put any pressure or direction to hi and it just happened organically, but it’s great to see him do something he enjoys to do.


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