Could Exercise Be The Key To Happiness? How You Can Do More Of It

Many of us will be aware and know that perhaps we should be doing more exercise on a daily or weekly basis. There are so many things it can help improve. For example, doctors even recommend you exercise to help with mental health problems like anxiety or depression.


Being more active can help improve your mood and your energy levels, and be the key to feeling happy day today. It can be as simple as pulling on basic sportswear, invisible socks and a pair of trainers in order to be ready to exercise and release endorphins. So if you think exercising and being more active could help you be a happier person, then this is how you can do more of it. 

Join a gym

If you want to start exercising then the most obvious thing to do would be to join a gym. This gives you the accountability and a place to start exercising. The gym has all sorts of different equipment you can try, along with organised sessions and classes that you can join in with.

Some people even enlist the help of a personal trainer so that they can get a programme together to achieve the goals they want from exercising more regularly. A gym can be an obvious choice, but it isn’t for everyone so perhaps some of our next suggestions might suit you. 

Workout at home

Working out at home is a great way to begin your exercise journey. You have the comfort of being in your own surroundings, while still being able to put yourself through your paces. You could invest in premium fitness equipment for the home that you could have in a garage or in a spare room. Having the ease of access to great equipment may motivate you to do it more often, and it can even encourage you to exercise for longer. 

Try different options

Of course, you don’t always need to use gym equipment, you could actually look at other options if you find yourself motivated by different things. Some people love to dance, so looking online on YouTube could help you find a great dance or Zumba workout that you could try.

It could be that you want to follow a specific programme, so investing in the DVDs for home workouts that you can then track your progress with could also be a viable option. As long as you are raising your heart rate and getting a bit of a sweat on then you’re exercising. It can be a fun thing to do. 

Be more active day to day

Finally, exercising does not have to be so strict and part of your routine. You could make a choice to be more active day to day and this can help increase your fitness levels. Going out for longer walks, choosing to take the stairs instead of a lift, and even parking a little further away so that you can get those extra steps in. Some people even just track their steps each day and aim for certain goals. It can be a great motivator. 

Let’s hope that these tips help you to exercise more often.


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