Why Word Games Are Great For Kids


Word games used to be much more popular before we had the technology, and they are having a big resurrection. Not only can you get plenty of books, but there are games you can play online or with apps. What better way to spend time than making words with apps like the game?

But why should word games be a big part of your child’s games and free time?

Why Word Games Are Great For Kids


If you like to travel, or you find that you have a child or two with you when you need to run errands throughout the day – taking word game apps with you is easier than ever. Long waiting times at the airport, sitting in the car waiting for siblings to finish their extracurricular – word games are immersive and get the brain going. 

A perfectly mobile game to keep them occupied and learning! 

Test skills 

Many word games have timers and limits, which means if your child doesn’t usually struggle with timed tests in school, this can help. It’s not just the timers that can help; spelling and word games often require memory, comprehension, problem-solving and more. 

Memory skills

Most word games require some level of remembering where things are or, in the early stages flipping over cards to find letters. Word puzzles like crosswords have questions, which can help your child to think about all the things they know, recall the information and find the right word. 

Bigger Vocabulary 

When playing word games, you might come across words you aren’t sure of, which is one of the things that make word games great! The more words your child comes across, the larger their vocabulary will get, and the more they can do when it comes to writing, reading and even at-home creativity. 

Once they see the word for the first time, it might not make that much sense, but with the help of a dictionary – or asking you, they can use the word in context. 

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One of the biggest things children can get from playing word games is spelling. There are many tricky words that children will encounter, and they will have a lot of confidence in being able to tackle the spellings in everyday life. 

The best thing about this way of learning spelling is fun. Your child might not even notice that they will be practising the word repeatedly at first – but they will surely see when they keep getting full marks and points for getting it right! 

Sense of achievement 

We all need a sense of achievement and accomplishment in life – it builds our confidence, self-esteem and feeling content. Word games can offer children a sense of accomplishment and is a skill they will use in everyday life. 

Many word games set daily or weekly challenges for players to overcome, which can do wonders for them. 

Gaming can be a helpful way to help your children do many things and can even be something they earn for doing chores or good behaviour: Motivating Kids To Do Homework And Daily Chores The Easy Way – What The Dad Said

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