Lego 10275 Elf Clubhouse

Lego Elf Clubhouse 10275 is a set in the Seasonal Winter Theme, essentially Christmas that are often set either around a Winter Village or up near the North pole among the Elfs and Santa. The set includes 1197 pieces and 4 mini-figures, though there’s a Reindeer kicking around among the toys and extras.

Lego 10275 Elf Clubhouse

Winter Village Sets

I love the Winter sets, they’re the ones that I get as a Christmas present, I choose to build it the following year to help build to my Christmas hype so as ever I’m very excited. This being an expert style set there is an age limit so it will be just me building this one, though for most of it Tigger could have been fine building it and he’s 11.

Elf Clubhouse

The set is around the new style themeing with the books and boxes, Lego changed their branding in 2020 and this was literally one of the first sets to include this branding. The bags are pretty simple with 1 to 5 along with the books, being an expert creator set they don’t tend to hold your hand through like some of the small kid based sets.


The 4 elves are all similar to each other for obvious reasons, but the faces do differ with one having glasses, and the other having slight facial changes. Another change to differ them will be a scarf around one, and the red megaphone type in another. All these are great and this is an excellent addition to the collections of elves if you have other Winter sets.


The reindeer is one of the bigger things of note with its completely redesigned compared to historical winter set and Reindeers, they are a lot more like the modern era of moulder animals from Lego Friends, Jurrasic World and others. This decision to go this way is excellent though it makes the older ones for me look a little poor. A neat little sled joins the reindeer and relatively ease as a build, some extra flames at the back add a little difference again.

Trees and Toys

The tree and the toys are very good, on paper it’s the normal type of accessories that come with Winter sets, it’s not the first or 10th tree I’ve made for them lol, but it was done differently with a different star. It’s probably the best small Christmas tree I’ve seen. As for the toys, the ship is excellent, even the plane was built a different way than I’ve done in the past, same with the piano.

The presents are their normal simple self but the little computer is good, however, I’m unsure why it’s in the set as it doesn’t suit the clubhouse idea, it’s more like their sleeping quarters and this pc of nice list etc wouldn’t be there.

The Building

The building itself is very good from the front, it is a half build so you tend to get the front with scenery stuff and a great display, then on the flip, you get limited indoor space. This is true to this one as they try to cram in a few bits, however, from the outside the lights, the roof, door and some of the architectural stuff is excellent.

There seems to be a change in this set as much more focus was put onto that architectural design with a lot of different techniques in the build, the lights were done differently, the sign was a nice touch to the Santas workshop and north pole, indicating its fits into the sets. But the green among the white on the front just looks great, the wooden arch over the door and the front sets it all off.


Inside sees a ground floor that holds a table and some furniture with little bits of design around the room,the biscuits and red cups with a picture above looks excellent. Swinging into the set sees a large cooker/fireplace that its chimney is taller than the building, this kitchen-type addition works with a lever that drops biscuits out. This again introduces different ways to do things in this set and not just the predictable builds in the past.

The second floor crams in the beds towards the roof but this fits the elves idea, normally I might be a little critical but no it’s a great idea and looks cute. The way the bed is built and placed is something very different and I’ve not done before. More furniture on this floor but outside through a window? is a balcony and telescope for the elves to look for the north star, this is also very good and uses these new style fence panels differently, leading from a window is a little odd and not a door but it’s for design.


The colour red green and white flows through this set, the white and green in particular carries the theme through with the red adding a little colour and brown offering that traditional feel. The set though looks excellent with only a couple of question marks, but as a set its fits the winter theme, and that’s the point with a few sets that have now been released.

There are lots of nice little touches everywhere with biscuits, furniture, cups, ski’s etc, the light brick that tends to be in their sets is fine, personally not he great place as its lights up the bedroom part and not the fire. The Chimney and fireplace are great however it doesn’t fit, it’s almost like they thought of this last minute and just added on, or they had a plan and went “oh no” where do we out it? it may look good but its placement is just not good.

The windows, roofs, little reindeer shed, lights and architecture are all fantastic, really really good, and the minifigure selection is fine, 4 elves but all a little different is what I would want.

It’s not a huge set and at the price of £84.99 its fine, I would have prefered a little more as in the creator set you probably would get a little bit more for your money and actually I would have prefered it being a touch bigger to incorporate the fireplace more and not feel so cramped in the building, but these are all small issues and it’s still a great addition.


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