My Little Pony | A Maretime Bay Adventure


My Little Pony, A Maretime Bay adventure is a game from Bandai Namco and Outright Games, which features the Hugely popular My little Pony Franchise. This game was focused on the 2021 Film characters and stories which was slightly different from the Series, This adventure game was full of mini-games and a story and was released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4, PC.

My Little Pony

Piglet has grown to love My Little Pony over the years, so for her, this was amazing for a big-time game to be released, she really loved the film and this being largely based on it got her very excited. So to be honest she led the review and the gameplay with Tigger and myself doing not much and just watching her.

My Little Pony

What they Say

“Only you can help Sunny throw the most magical celebration Equestria has ever seen in the adventure game My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure. Use your magic to put on fashion shows, find the cutest animals, fly with the Pegasi and more. Customize your ponies by unlocking new skills and accessories, including new hats and jewellery, rollerblades, and fashion magic. Your friends Hitch, Izzy, Zipp and Pipp are here to lend a helping hoof every step of the way. And you can invite another player for multiplayer minigames!”

Graphics and gameplay

Recently these types of games have taken a jump in both graphics and audio, and this was very similar in the Paw Patrol game based on the film which was a very similar feel to this game. The characters and voices in this game were very similar to the Film, this helps the kids get very familiar with what there doing and who’s who, it might not be a big thing but actually for younger kids this really helps them adjust to the game.

From a pure gameplay point of view, the game was very simple to initially follow, there was story and you had constant guidance from the ingame characters and prompts, it was fairly open in the sense you can move your characters to different parts etc but ultimately there is still a path you head towards in the story. There’s plenty of things to collect and little objectives to help you go to the next part of the story or unlock something for your characters.

Mini Games

Arguably one of the best parts of the game, is the Multiplayer/mini-games, this allows you to play as one of the other characters along with playing with one of your friends/family. For Piglet she really enjoyed this part, especially the Boogie mini-game, but these mini-games and multiplayer games break up the story adventure and the single-player.


This is a very good game, especially if you like My Little Pony, and really if you enjoyed the film then this is the next step for this. It’s simple enough to appeal for kids of that younger age but still challenging enough for those older kids to get something out of.

Personally, there is an age limit for older kids before it’s perhaps a bit younger, but in reality, if you like the franchise you would enjoy it. The characters, gameplay, audio etc are all on point and will keep the kids entertained, the standard is high and is one of the better kids games out at the moment.


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