Diary From A Dad | March 2022

As each month goes by my Diary from a Dad look at what’s happening with our little family, through all the adventures, challenges and obstacles that come to our lives. As a family of 5, with 3 children at different ages every day, week and month can offer something different. It was March! and as spring hits us, the month was a weird one for weather, as we saw easter approach and special days like Mothers day approach.


Daily Routines

With the Easter holidays at the end of the month, the kids saw a normal month of the day today routine, at this point now for them It feels very back to normality from everything that’s happened. But for Tigger it was also a month of change, with his age and high school down the road, we start to look at how he acts and his responsibility. Roo is intelligent and to be fair quite a lot of common sense, but with Tigger, he is very intelligent but his common sense perhaps is not as strong lol.

Tigger growing up

So this month we begin teaching him those responsibilities, for example, he has to go on a bus that he will pay for, then get to high school, then get home, which for some is fine, but for him it would concern me, to be honest, he struggles with communicating both in person and don’t he phone! I know weird a kid that doesn’t use a phone! but he needs to improve that communication, especially with high school this year.

For Boo and I, we continue to get into our own rhythms with work etc, both blogs have been relatively busy, (obviously hers way more), we try to get back to those regular posts that we enjoy, especially myself. There’s plenty to do this year and lots happening so I look forward to do more of my stuff.

Diary says It’s a tight year

With money being tight though it’s going to be a tough year, this month is certainly an indication of that as we continue to reset and refocus for the coming years, as adults you get hit by lots of curveballs, and the last couple of years has been no different, 2022 will not be a year that we look back in huge delight, but that’s fine, it’s a year that must happen.

Holiday days

With pancake day this month that my girls always love and look forward to, and mothers day. We still had some time to spend together, even muted it was still good, Roo managed to use her new Pancake maker and made us pancakes. To be honest, it was very good and actually works very well. As for Mother’s day, Boo had a good day and more importantly, we were together.


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