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  • Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | week 16

    At the start of lockdown I decided to record our weekly lives within the lockdown, the kids and Boo have been stuck mostly at home while i was at work most days as a key worker, during this time I can record our emotions, thoughts, and the goings-on, this week nothing special extra special was happening, but there were some small things that made our weeks.

    / July 9, 2020
  • Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | week 15

    I started this Diary review at the beginning of the lockdown to capture what was happening, what or emotions were at the time, and what we thought of it. We are approaching 4 months now since the kids have been a school and I have been at work the whole time as I’m a key worker.

    / July 1, 2020
  • Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | week 14

    I started this to recap what has happened during the lockdown, with our thoughts, emotions and many other obstacles, now 14 weeks into it, we keep going until all the kids go back to school and we get back to some normality with work, and our daily lives.

    / June 28, 2020
  • Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | week 10 to 13

    Since lockdown has started I began to a diary type account of what we have been up to both at home and with me as a key worker, so we can the look back and understand what happened, how we felt and the emotions of it all. This one falls of weeks 10 to 13, the biggest break in the diary so far, but what has happened over the last month?

    / June 20, 2020
  • Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | week 7+8

    With Lockdown in full force I have been writing a diary of what’s been happening, our thoughts, what we’ve been doing etc as a way of looking back in years to come and thinking what it was like, how we got on etc. This is week 7 and 8 as I’ve have combined both weeks together this time, mainly because I’ve been busy but also because not a lot has been happening.

    / May 21, 2020
  • Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | week 6

    Our weekly review of what’s been happening in Lockdown for us, its a diary so in months and years to come we can look back and what we were doing and whats our thoughts, The family is Lockdown with Boo only able to venture out for a small amount of the time, where I’m a key worker, dealing with the public and venturing out there.

    / May 6, 2020
  • Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | week 5

    This is the weekly diary of our lockdown experiences that i am doing so we can look back in months and years to come to see what happened and how we were feeling, its such a different time and experiences for us all. This weeks big change was the kids were back on there home schooling.

    / April 29, 2020
  • Family Games Night + Giveaway

    Over the years the kids have been brought up having a variety of board games, puzzles, family games in the house, often they are learning-based ones, working up to more fun and mess around ones, these have often been bought at Xmas and birthday, or when we have looked for bargains, there also something that the kids tend to look at shops to swat up what they want.

    / April 27, 2020
  • Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | week 4

    I’m documenting our lockdown weeks so in the future we can look back and know what happened, and what we were doing during this time as our memories can get a bit lost looking back, so this week is the 4th week we are on lockdown, I’m still a key worker, whereas the rest of the family are at home.

    / April 22, 2020