Which Books are Right for Your Kids?


It’s no secret that reading is important for children. It’s what helps them learn about the world, develop problem-solving skills, and learn social skills. This could be through magazines or through school, but sitting down to read a book with your child can be a good bonding activity as well as an opportunity to learn. Books for kids can often be fun to read, but it’s also essential to consider books that touch on more profound subjects that help them learn and understand the world around them.

Which Books are Right for Your Kids?

What Books are Suitable for Your Kids?

Every book that you consider should have a suggested age range so you can double-check that a book is age-appropriate for your kid. If you’re unsure, then you can always flick through yourself to make sure there’s nothing you would be uncomfortable with your kid encountering. 

Take an interest in what kind of books your child enjoys so that you can encourage them into reading by purchasing books on topics they’re already interested in. It may also be worth consulting your child’s teachers to see if they have any suggestions for books that your kid might benefit from. 

What Book Topics Should We Read?

There’s a wealth of children’s books out there with topics ranging from purely silly to more grown-up. Don’t assume that just because your child is young, they are not interested in more serious issues, and it’s best to address subjects with educational books on your own terms. 

Stick to topics that you and your child are comfortable with, but children’s books to do with things like grief or bullying can be useful when you’re unsure what the best thing is to say to them. If you have deceased family members, your child may have picked up on grief from you or your partner. Especially if you’ve taken your child to a funeral or have objects like veteran urns around the house, it’s natural for your child to take an interest. There are some lovely sensitive books that can help your child process grief or death in an age-appropriate way. 

For more light-hearted topics, books aimed at children can also be a great way to introduce your child to lifestyles different from their own. For example, they can be an excellent way for your kid to read about families in other countries to them or about blended families. It can also help develop their empathy skills, as they are interested in other people different from themselves. 

Which Books are Right for Your Kids?

Finally, many kids’ books are more educational and can spark an early interest in science, history, or even art while still being fun. This could even be a fun way for you to learn a thing or two yourself!

Reading with your kid can be a lovely way to spend time with your child and engage in something together. Books can spark an interest in different lifestyles, topics and you may even find that you’re just as engaged as your kids! Of course, make sure that each book you pick up is appropriate for your child’s age and that you’re comfortable with the content, but they can be a fabulous way to broaden you and your child’s horizons.

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