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Ever since I was little I’ve been a fan of football, it’s one of my favourite things and since we have had a garden I invested in football-related stuff, like a goal and different sized footballs. This has allowed me to do a little bit of football but also the kids to get a feel of football, however, improving the skills etc with this Messi training System is something different.

Fan of Football

As I said I’m a huge fan of football, my team is Liverpool and it has been since I was very little, I choose them in amongst of family that supported Norwich, Man Utd and all sorts, but nope I choose Liverpool and stuck with them.

As for the family, we are a family that obviously follows Liverpool along with our local team Norwich, as for me though I’m a huge fan of world football, I follow what happens in many leagues etc..and have a team that I like in each of the major countries.

Partly this is because of Football games, Both Fifa and the Football manager have helped that love in both football and certain teams I enjoyed.

For me and the kiddies we often will pop out to the garden and play some football together, but this is just a friendly kick around with a goal, this is largely because both kids have done plenty of football at school.

Roo played a lot when she was younger, in one of her previous schools she played regularly at two levels, that school was far more focused on sports during and after school, thus it really helped her and pushed her along.

As for Tigger, he isn’t exactly the most confident boy with sports, and long term isn’t going to be his specialist, but he does like to get involved and does do a variety of sports at school.

Lionel Messi training System with footballs

Heads up Lionel Messi is one of my favourite footballers, Barca are my team from Spain, and Messi is one of the only players I’ve ever had put on a shirt other than a Liverpool player on a Liverpool shirt. Let’s be honest he’s one of the greatest of all time and for many, he is the best, if not the best of the modern era.

One of the things about him is his skills, his ability in and around the box and the tricks and touches in the game to help him beat a player or score.

But there’s something new for football fans and Messi fans, if your want to improve your own skills or something for your kids to work on then there is the Messi training system, using the Messi training footballs.

They are unique and can come in different sizes etc to enable different skills and techniques, for example, the smaller one we had with the detachable grip allows the player to practice on the smaller ball, you can also change the length depending on the difficulty and the size of the child. Why smaller ball? well the control you need to handle that ball and do tricks or simply kick the ball is harder than using a bigger ball, thus if you can do this then you can do a big ball.

Flip to a bigger softball, these have a grip around the ball and are a little softer than a normal ball, this allows the player to again practice their skills and tricks while keeping the ball closer to the feet etc. Being a softball as well may help kids feel more confident, as they can be scared of the hardball. I know my kids being younger were naturally hesitant, but the softer style allows them to approach it differently.

Enter to win!

In normal football practices and kick around in the garden, it allows you to improve your skills but in reality, there’s only so much so can do, and if you want to practice those close control skills and tricks etc then this Messi football is a great way to do it.

What’s even better is they are doing a great giveaway where you can travel to either Paris or Barcelona to meet Messi himself! just visit their site to enter, closing date 31st May 2022, and if you want to purchase any of these Messi training footballs visit Smyths Toys.


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