Christmas 2022

It’s Christmas 2022, the kids are older, another year has gone by, and it was time to cosy up and celebrate, but how did we get on this Xmas? well, it was time for our annual Christmas look back.

Back to Normal?

The last few Christmass have been a bit different if we are honest, between worlds events, family events, lockdowns, Covid, work, all sorts… they have all been a bit random, some good some bad. This year’s Halloween though showed us that we were basically back to normal, as close as it could be to years gone by.

For example, even though Covid is still around and still affects people around the world, I honestly don’t think many people even considered it this year, and with prices going up and energy prices soaring, I still believe there’s many that when it came to Xmas, it didn’t really enter to their minds.


With Piglet’s birthday ended our attentions switch over to Christmas, and in particular the decorations, the external ones went up within a few days and then the internal ones followed. After a couple of years of not doing much more for the outside, this year in the sales, I’ve begun to replace and look out for more, personally, the best time is always at the sales because you can get a much better price on essentially the same lights etc from every year.

On the flip, the indoor ones are often added too, especially as we look out for little additions, musical toys, and general little ones adding to the theme. However over the last couple of years, the family has begun to love the Gonks, especially the girls, as once again they took over the house, and the army of Gonks was added to this year.

Now we have even more Gonk-themed decorations to accompany this, if you love them then great…you understand…. if you don’t then I’m sure you are a bit like me in that you will say, urm yup.

The food

As for Food, Roo and I take control, and actually if I sit back and think about it, I put a lot of effort into getting food, I’m constantly bouncing between shops, offers, bargains, my Tesco discount and CS. We utilise the chest freezer we have as well as planning out what we are having and when Granny was here this year it added a further plan to ensure we had food for her.

So between all of the shops we were set, even leaving Beef going to the last minute, and getting desserts and the last minute also. but there was a lot of food in the house and there still is as I’m writing this day gone by.

Busy Time

As for the week of Xmas, other than going to work for a couple of shifts, it was definitely family time, we didn’t go anywhere this year from the big day onwards, and this saved us some money if I’m honest, but also allowed us all to hang around. Have fun, Eat some food and drink, and do what you want to.

The kids got presents that they wanted and we really did have a nice family time, I do feel so lucky to have them, and generally, everything went well. Even the dinners worked out well as we celebrated all the holiday days including Boo’s birthday.

Next Year

Hopefully next years Christmas will also go well as no doubt we will do some planning closer to the time, we already have to plan money and presents a year in advance as we have to fit 4 birthdays and Christmas all in a 7 week period, let alone a couple of other family members birthdays around then as well. But this year was a success, and as I said earlier I’m lucky to have my little family.


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