The Top 5 Countries You Need To Visit At Least Once

Often when you have the travel bug to visit countries, people can ask you where are the best places to visit in the world. Of course, if you have seen as many beautiful destinations as we have, you can often find it very difficult to answer the question. There are, however, some great places to visit and some of the best destinations are possibly already featured on your bucket list, but I thought I would give them a mention anyway and share some of the best bits about them. I hope it inspires you if you are searching for your next holiday destination. 


New Zealand

New Zealand is by far one of the best places filled with absolute splendour, clue lakes, green mountainous regions, and very friendly people. You may have seen from some of our latest blogs how much we enjoyed our time there. But if you haven’t caught those blog posts, then here’s a little recap. There are two islands, the north island, and the south island. Both have their own different locations and cities to explore. A quick hint of a great attraction would be if you are a fan of the Lord Of The Rings films as they have their sets there. 


Mexico is a country that has had a decline in tourists wanting to visit recently, but there really shouldn’t be a reason why you won’t want to visit this enchanting place. There are some amazing opportunities to explore. Head down to Cabo San Lucas and enjoy one of the yacht excursions available. Maybe exploring some of the temples in the Yucatan Peninsula is more your thing, full of history, and allows your imagination to run away with you. The weather is great for holidays and relaxing, but you also have the hustle and bustle of Cancun if you want a vibrant and busy nightlife scene. There are plenty of options and destinations to consider. 


There are some great places to visit in Canada. It is a country in Northern America, and the capital city of Ottawa has much to offer. But there is also the huge city of Toronto and the film center in Vancouver. However, there are amazing lake retreats and vast amounts of forest to hike if you love the more adventuring type of holiday, then this country could be for you. 


If you are a fan of Italian food, then you may already have Italy on your list of places to visit. Perhaps you want to wander the streets of Rome, take in Vatican City, or enjoy the beautiful churches and museums. Or perhaps you want to head over to some of the other famous places like Venice, Naples, or Florence. There are some amazing places in this country and definitely should be one for the bucket list. 


Finally, if you like the idea of checking out the Northern Lights, which is one of the natural wonders of the world, then Iceland is the place to go. The capital city of Reykjavik is vibrant and bustling with restaurants and bars, but heading out will enable you to witness the rugged landscape. 

Countries and experiences

I hope that this has inspired you to consider some other destinations for your possible ever-growing bucket list. There are just too many places in the world to see, and these can cater for many different people and situations. Whethers its entertainment, or the beautiful sights, the activities or what ever csn fill your experience, you may share it with a love one, friends, or family members. These can impact the rest of your life from the experince you hold.


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