Halloween 2019

Over the years we haven’t always been big Halloween fans, we haven’t always dressed up, we haven’t always done things like Trick or Treat. Sometimes I’ve been working, or we have been busy, ill or one of the kids have had something on or themselves being ill. I think back and we haven’t always been in that spirit, with Xmas, we are huge fans and go all out, Films, decorations, music, presents generally having fun. However, we haven’t put perhaps the effort in or had that feeling to do much, the closest we would get if we went around family and they have a mini party to add some fun for the kids.

Tigger is not a sweet fan, part of his Fussy eating means that he never really has any of that, he can eat white chocolate like a milky bar, but in reality, he doesn’t really choose it or ask for it, if its there and we offer him it to him, he will eat it, but its nothing special, he enjoys a biscuit, and recently some brownies! but these aren’t Halloween things, so in the past when we have done Trick or treat, he’s been getting sweets for others. Piglet, on the other hand, is the complete opposite and more than happy to have sweets if you allow her.

Over the Years…

As the years went on Boo and I turned from ignoring Halloween into slowly participating, as I’ve said before not massively. Where we live now there’s a bigger emphasis on Halloween, but even in our first year of being here we didn’t have many visitors on the Eve, both Roo and Tigger went out but it was a big deal. Last year however we decided to make more of an effort, partly because I was circling for offers on decorations at supermarkets, they tend to reduce them low on the day, so I deliberately took the opportunity to buy them and decorate the house. I picked up some bags of sweets while I was there just in case.

Piglet was joining Tigger, Boo, and Roo, in going out trick or treating, which was a big experience for her, luckily the weather held, but back at the house, we had lots of visitors! so much that I had to go back out and buy more sweets to combat the number of kids coming to the door. Did I wonder to myself why? why was it so busy? What had changed? don’t get me wrong I know the estate has a good reputation for participating, and people would even come from nearby places because of it, but I was much busier than normal.


Ultimately it’s down to us making more effort, for our kids who are going out to have fun etc, but the other kids doing the festivities. So it was on to 2019! what did I have planned? what can I do to raise my game, I normally go all out on Xmas (I’m that guy) but how can I make Halloween better.

This year I unpacked a few days earlier, this included some extras I had already purchased from the year before in their clearance sales, Supermarkets etc are great on the 1st November as they reduce at least a half if not 75%. I also thought to myself, ill buy one special thing, much like I do at Xmas, over time it would then be a great display. This year’s main purchase was an Arch! From Aldi, this was inflatable much like Xmas decorations with lights position inside.

So on Halloween morning, I set about putting them, we had carved the pumpkin the day before, to avoid the sagging pumpkin from a couple of years ago, this time it was Batman dark knight symbol, as we hadn’t long watched it.

The arch was the focal point in front of the doot, along with the pumpkin, both real and non, above the front windows were giant spider leading onto the hedge that was covered in spider webs. The other side just some basic Halloween decorations in the window, along the sidewall was a light projector, that didn’t photograph very well lol, but it was actually not bad for how little I paid for it.

As the evening went on Boo took Tigger and Piglet out for Trick or treating, this left me and Roo, this was the first time she wasn’t too fussed about going out, she was happy to dress up and have fun but being a 13-year-old she didn’t want to go. However, this meant she wanted to attend the door so we did.

After a busy evening and nearly running out of sweets, (we had bought extra this year as last year we ran out) we had lots of fun and several compliments, we could hear people talk and say this house was the best etc… which wasn’t the aim but its nice to hear, to complimented after your hard work. The kids enjoyed themselves but the great thing is, so did all the kids who attended our house.

The Dust settles…

After all the fun and the hectic night was over, I’m already planning for next year and wondering what I can do, these days I do go all out, but if everyone is enjoying themselves then its all worth it, like most things in life you get out of it what you put into it.

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