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Lego 21330 Home Alone, is part of the Lego Ideas range and focuses on one of the best Known Christmas Films Home Alone, the Set centres around the Mccallister House and the night when little Kevin attempts to stop the intruders from entering the house and stealing the Family items. The set has 3995 pieces and includes 5 Unique minifigures, the house, a treehouse and the Criminals Vans, its RRP is £259.99.

Lego 21330

We are big fans of Home Alone, the family loves both the first and second film (maybe not the rest), for me I really like the first, I was that age when it came out so the character Kevin appealed alot and its stuck with me for years to come. Add the fact I love Christmas and this is one of our annual films to watch. So when this set was announced after getting through the Lego Ideas side of stuff I had to get it, the other part of this is I also collect the Modular buildings so the fact they choose that style was great.

Lego 21330

It is a big build and has a lot of pieces, which for a modular set isn’t a surprise as the level of detail comes in the small pieces used to decorate and slightly enlargers the piece count, to be honest, but don’t get me wrong its a fair size and full of detail. The book which has its normal extra references to the builders, the film and the design etc is all great and the nod to Kevin’s drawn battle plan is excellent.

The Set is full of hidden little extra details that nod to the film, there’s even a picture of the Eiffel Tower which is where the family is going and the Empire state building which is a nod to the second film when Kevin is lost in New york.

Kevin Mccallister

The central character to the film is excellent, he has two options with a hat, scarf and separate sled or alternatively with hair and a scared face which we see him scream several times during the film. The red jumper is fantastic and a great choice, while he has a plate with ice cream that is in the film.

Kate Mccallister

She is kind of in the scenes, and this is great to have, though in reality her presence is a little odd but as she was the one trying to get back to him then it’s fine, it’s impossible to have all the family, I get it, and I would have loved john Candy as a character but again I understand why we don’t. She looked fantastic with her double-sided face, both happy and shocked, while her clothes and hair in distinctive to understand which character she was.

Wet bandits Harry

The bad guys in the form of the Wet Bandits see great detail on both, with Harry his face having a happy and menacing face, the happy face with accompanying police hat shows him at the beginning of the film, where the menacing face, along with hat, Crowbar, and outfit for the fun nighttime attempt. Personally, I would have preferred a slightly different choice to show injuries etc.

Wet Bandits Marv

Speaking of which Marv has that, he has an iron print on his face which is a fantastic detail, and on the flip is also a menacing smile, Harry has smaller legs whereas Marv has normal showing the height of the two, as Harry is noticeably smaller than Marv. Marv like Harry has a great waist coat and jacket design, and I like the brown design, he also has a crowbar and his hair is distinctive to the character.

Old Man Marley

We discover more about the character as the film goes on, and are eventual saviour is right to be present based on the end of the night, he looks great with the grey and beard and hair, while all in black also looks good, the hands should have been black gloves but that’s fine, where the spade is the classic Lego design, not a snow shovel which is a shame.

Accessories and Van

As I mentioned earlier a Sled is resent for Kevin to use and ride in the house, this is a simple design and has been used before. However, the Dodge Ram van for the Wet bandits is excellent, probably not needed but actually a great addition to the set.

The plumbing and heating Van which hides the Wet Bandits and their loot is excellent colour and the stickering is bang on to the film, the instructions in the book aren’t great for the stickers and my own stickering was also poor which annoyed me, personally take your time have the panels in place first then line up the stickers, don’t follow the book. The size of the van is fine and perhaps not super accurate but you can forgive it, it doesn’t detract the van from the set.


The famous house which for many can be instantly recognised, is actually a huge house in the film and to be honest isn’t practical for Lego, in reality, this house should have been bigger to fit the right amount of rooms and accurate sizing, however, let’s be honest it would be a huge piece could and impractical so I get it, its not completely accurate. So let’s get that out of the way first, as everything will be slightly reduced to fit.

The front of the house though looks fantastic, a few windows short aside the house is distinctive, decorated with lights the front and a porch open area looks great. The only knock I have it perhaps I would have liked the statue bigger, as it gets constantly knocked over in the film and is lost here. The windows and brickwork though are fantastic and the roof and windows look equally great.

The Front can swing open, and both floors and the roof flap and lift up, but also like a normal modular build, each floor can also be lifted off to see inside. On the ground floor sees an entrance area with the red and white stairs in front of you, these are great the colour is spot on, the grandjure isn’t there from the film buts it’s fine, to the left is the lounge area.

Inside there is a Christmas tree, a big fireplace, a chair and family decorations, but there are a couple of things here for the film, at the window, there are ornaments placed under the window for when Marv comes through and hurts himself, but there’s also a Train that can be rotating from the side of the building, this allows the picture of a basketball player moving a round, as per the film when the Wet Bandits attempt to come earlier Kevin portrays a Party.

On the opposite side of the house, the dining room is visible, with a connection to the back kitchen, more on this later. In the dining room is a long family dining table featuring a meal of noodles set out by Kevin on the night, the pretty room has a record player and mannequin head and wig, again this turns like the basketball player from the other room, to show the party, in the corner is a fan and clock.

As we head up the stairs to the second floor an oversized paint can sits on the bannister, ready to come down and knock in the wet bandits. Both floors have strategically placed furniture to help the font swing open and close, at the top of this floor has some candles on top of a unit, and there are further stairs upwards with a spider on the side.

On the second floor to the left is one of the bedrooms, this is Buzz’s bedroom, this has breakable shelves with a money box, a picture of Buzz’s girlfriend, and a leaflet for Duncan’s toybox which is a nod to the second film, a BB gun, and of course normal bedroom furniture.

On the other side of the house is a small bathroom for Kevin to apply aftershave, but next to that is the parent’s bedroom, a place where he sleeps while they’re not at home, the red colour and style of the bedroom are excellent though very small, however, this doesn’t detract from a nice looking room.

As we head upstairs to the accurate a little small bedroom, which Kevin sleeps in when everyone forgets him, is great. In here is a pull-out sofa bed which is shown wonderfully and something I hadn’t seen yet in Lego form, a battle plan is also here, along with a sweet dispenser and spider webs, from here is a zip line from the back window for Kevin’s escape.


Speaking of which the escape leads to the tree house, which joins the other end of the Zipline, this simple tree house looks fine, from the front that has the detail is a pirate flag, stairs, and plane, even though it’s all a bit simple it colours are vibrant for a tree house.

The Extention

At the back is the square Extention, on the film is much larger and on the corner etc, this house the kitchen and two routes into the house, both via the door or down to the basement, which opens up into the house, in this view, we get a small basement though it has some great additions like the missing sock from Marv and the scary Furnace, that has a light brick when pressed lights up, this is an excellent reference to the film. I would have preferred more of a step down like the film.

The back shows the back door with the kitchen, and swinging in you can see the flames from above the door, along with the cat flap this is excellent. Inside the kitchen is a traditional modular kitchen, which is fine, around though is Kevin’s ticket, Pizza boxes from the night of the big meal, a TV screen with the Black and white film on, and a fridge, inside some dinner that Kevin likes, its all a little cramped but fine.


It’s hard for me not to like this set, it looks good and has so many references to the Home Alone film, even the second one, it’s got some creative things to it and is bright colourful and ultimately looks great. The size causes a problem, to make such a big house is tough and because it’s not quite to that size a lot of it feels tight and almost a little cramped, but that’s to squeeze all the noticeable Home alone references over than what the house logically looks like.

The garage is missing which takes away the aesthetic from that side, along with the width and depth all missing perhaps one more room-size space, but again it’s all fine. The house still looks fantastic and instantly recognisable, this isn’t for non-home alone fans, it doesn’t fit your Modular city as it’s on its own, but if you are a fan of then its worth a look.

The Piece count to price is actually fine, and even though I’ve been a little harsh on size and spacing I can forgive it as I said right at the beginning we have to put that to the side. It’s a Great set, only made by bigger and more minifigures, but isn’t that the case with so many lego Sets, so it’s fine and we can still enjoy it.


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