Coffee shop time

Coffee shops now are everywhere, and whether you like Coffee, Tea, Cake, Pannini, or just a normal soft drink most of them will cater for it, but over the years with all the shops coming and going, coffee shops have if anything grown in popularity.

Lots of Coffee Choices

Don’t get me wrong there are many many many coffee outlets/stand takeaway type places for people to pick up and go, especially in cities, even more so in London etc this is all fine but I like the comfort of being in a Coffee shop. Perhaps growing up watching TV and Films watching people in those coffee shops especially big brands like Starbucks affected my love of them?

In my early days I wasn’t a big fan of independent coffee shops, those Cafe style ones either looked old, aged, and for a certain age group, or they were cheap almost greasy spoon ESC, if you think back say 20 years at a cafe compared it to a modern-day Starbucks, Nero, Costa or even higher class of independent now that’s a little quirky or different, these are all massively better than those from years gone by.

Corporate and franchises

I get it that some people won’t like the more corporate side of it all, Costa, Nero, Starbucks, and a host of other brands that have a small number of coffee shops, some people like those more quirky home-style independent coffee shops/cafe and don’t get me wrong I like these too and this is my point if you like those you will feel the same as I do when I’m in the more branded ones.

As I said early earlier the standards are much higher now so it will look good to a standard. For me I like the more corporate side of things, the standards are often consistent, it can be busy and this is often a challenge also the staff may be struggling to keep up with tables being cleared in the city versions etc.

Part of my essential life

I do enjoy the coffee and thus I like those franchises because I know what I’m going to be getting, but it’s not just about the coffee for me or even the food, it’s about the whole atmosphere, sitting relaxing just chilling, I know its a bit cheesy with people reading books or bringing their macs, etc, much like TV and films etc, but I’m that person, I’ve sat in them working or just chilling., it really has become a social place to meet.

How many have met there with friends, how many have had dates at them, or even done interviews and worked while sitting in there, lots. For me, it’s still one of the better places to go, and even in the online modern world, everyone downloading or getting deliveries or online gaming or whatever…they have stood the test of time and if anything in the digital era of the last 20 years they have grown and become a necessary part of our lives, in some way.

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